Second hand Crossword Clue

Are you looking for the solution for the crossword clue Second hand? The clue was last used in a crossword puzzle on the 2022-12-05. The most likely answer to this clue is the 4 letter word USED. Below you'll find all possible answers to the clue ranked by its likelihood to match the clue and also grouped by 3 letter, 4 letter, 5 letter, 6 letter and 7 letter words.

Second hand Crossword Clue Top Matches

99%HELPERSecond hand
99%AIDESecond hand
99%USEDSecond hand

The crossword clue Second hand can have multiple interpretations depending on the crossword puzzle. It could refer to a watch or clock's second hand, or more commonly, to something that is second-hand or used. Some crossword answers for this clue include USED, REUSED, WORN, and NOTNEW – all indicating that the item in question is no longer brand new.

Another possible crossword answer for Second hand is HELPER or AIDE. This interpretation of the clue is often used when looking for a synonym for someone who provides assistance or support. A helper or aide may be considered a second hand because they are an additional resource beyond the primary person or tool.

Yet another possible crossword answer for Second hand is NEARLYNEW or WARMEDOVER. These answers indicate that the item in question is not actually second-hand, but rather has been refurbished or repurposed to appear like new. WARMEDOVER is a more colloquial term for something that has been redone or re-created, while NEARLYNEW implies that an item may have been used briefly but is still in excellent condition.

Overall, the crossword clue Second hand can be interpreted in several ways, depending on the context and specific puzzle. Whether it refers to something used or a source of assistance, the answer will depend on the other clues and letters already in the puzzle.

Second hand Crossword Clue 3 Letters

73%EVESecond name

Second hand Crossword Clue 4 Letters

99%AIDESecond hand
99%USEDSecond hand
77%REDOSecond chance
75%ECHOSecond sound
75%TICKSecond sound
75%ABELSecond child

Second hand Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Second hand Crossword Clue 6 Letters

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What are the best solutions for Second hand?

We've found 8 solutions for Second hand. The top solution is calculated based on word popularity, user feedback, ratings and search volume. We've determined the most likely answer to the clue is USED.

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How can I find a solution for Second hand?

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