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Are you looking for the solution for the crossword clue Untidy type? The clue was last used in a crossword puzzle on the 2022-01-29. The most likely answer to this clue is the 4 letter word SLOB. Below you'll find all possible answers to the clue ranked by its likelihood to match the clue and also grouped by 3 letter, 4 letter, 5 letter, 6 letter and 7 letter words.

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99%SLOBUntidy type
92%SLOBSUntidy types

When it comes to frustrating crossword clues, Untidy type certainly ranks high on the list. It's one of those clues that can lead down a few different paths, but ultimately, the answer is usually the same: SLOB. This unflattering term is used to describe someone who is messy, disorganized, and generally sloppy. It's not a label anyone wants to be associated with, but unfortunately, some of us are just naturally more slob-like than others.

Of course, if you're really struggling to fill in the letters, you could try switching things up and going for the plural version of the answer: SLOBS. This could be useful if the clue is looking for a word that fits a certain number of spaces, or if you've already got some letters in place and need to find a word that matches. Either way, the bottom line is the same - if you're an untidy type, you're probably a slob or a member of the slob community (aka SLOBS).

It's worth noting that being a slob isn't always a bad thing. Some people wear their messy tendencies with pride, reveling in the organized chaos of their surroundings. Others might be messy because they're too busy or too preoccupied with other things to focus on tidying up. Whatever the reason, there's no denying that slob-type behavior can be a bit of a challenge for those who prefer a more orderly existence. But, as the saying goes, different strokes for different folks - and for some people, a little untidiness is just part of the charm.

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What are the best solutions for Untidy type?

We've found 2 solutions for Untidy type. The top solution is calculated based on word popularity, user feedback, ratings and search volume. We've determined the most likely answer to the clue is SLOB.

How many solutions does Untidy type have?

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How can I find a solution for Untidy type?

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