Eugene Sheffer Crossword Puzzle - 2023-05-26

Peculiar Crossword ClueODD
Swing to and — Crossword ClueFRO
Cold War initials Crossword ClueUSSR
— Claire, WI Crossword ClueEAU
Caucus state Crossword ClueIOWA
"No seats" Crossword ClueSRO
Candle count Crossword ClueAGE
Jog Crossword ClueTROT
Bit of physics Crossword ClueION
Spigot Crossword ClueTAP
"Hail!" Crossword ClueAVE
Pub pint Crossword ClueALE
Boom times Crossword ClueUPS
As well Crossword ClueTOO
Kanga's kid Crossword ClueROO
"Shoo!" Crossword ClueSCAT
Checks out Crossword ClueEYES
Prefix with violet Crossword ClueULTRA
Plague Crossword ClueBESET
Pigs' digs Crossword ClueSTY
Comfy room Crossword ClueDEN
Tavern Crossword ClueBAR
Toys on strings Crossword ClueYOYOS
First lady Truman Crossword ClueBESS
Mag. staff Crossword ClueEDS
Malmo resident Crossword ClueSWEDE
Burden Crossword ClueLOAD
Whatever Crossword ClueANY
Center Crossword ClueHUB
Transmits Crossword ClueSENDS
Poetic tribute Crossword ClueODE
Away from NNW Crossword ClueSSE
To date Crossword ClueSOFAR
ACLU issues Crossword ClueRTS
Noble gas Crossword ClueXENON
Hot Crossword ClueSEXY
Genetic letters Crossword ClueRNA
LPs' successors Crossword ClueCDS
Tightly packed Crossword ClueDENSE
Ltr. holder Crossword ClueENV
MGM motto start Crossword ClueARS
Dad on "Black-ish" Crossword ClueDRE
Gladden Crossword ClueELATE
Papeete's island Crossword ClueTAHITI
Em halves Crossword ClueENS
Piano pieces? Crossword ClueKEYS
Author Tolstoy Crossword ClueLEO
Misery Crossword ClueWOE
Leonine greetings Crossword ClueROARS
Olympic sleds Crossword ClueLUGES
Stanley Cup org Crossword ClueNHL
Letters after Q Crossword ClueRST
"Suds in the Bucket" singer Sara Crossword ClueEVANS
Christmas Crossword ClueYULE
Plod Crossword ClueTRUDGE
— Hawkins Day Crossword ClueSADIE
Battery part Crossword ClueANODE
Poet Nash Crossword ClueOGDEN
Innocents Crossword ClueBABES
Ruse Crossword ClueTRICK
Spring bloom Crossword CluePANSY
Checks for typos Crossword CluePROOFS
Married Crossword ClueWEDDED
Jawbreakers and lollipops, e.g Crossword ClueHARDCANDY