Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-01-09

Cub's home Crossword ClueDEN
"I'm at my wits' ___!" Crossword ClueEND
Israel's neighbor Crossword ClueSYRIA
Like a tougher hill to climb Crossword ClueSTEEPER
New doctors Crossword ClueINTERNS
True-___ test Crossword ClueFALSE
Children's head insects Crossword ClueLICE
Roll's partner, in music Crossword ClueROCK
Pixar movie with Lightning McQueen Crossword ClueCARS
Like Scrooge McDuck or Iron Man Crossword ClueRICH
Mixed in with Crossword ClueAMID
Indistinguish-able Crossword ClueSAME
Curved paths Crossword ClueARCS
Tiny, pesky bug Crossword ClueGNAT
Soda holder Crossword ClueCAN
Like an overworked pitcher's arm Crossword ClueSORE
Org. dealing with students Crossword CluePTA
Garfield or Puss in Boots Crossword ClueCAT
A Ferrari or yacht, in accounting Crossword ClueASSET
A roof may be made of it Crossword ClueTIN
Like 2, 14 and 78 Crossword ClueEVEN
Santa ___ winds Crossword ClueANA
Cause of an explosion Crossword ClueTNT
All the crayons in a box, for example Crossword ClueSET
Whig's rival Crossword ClueTORY
Newsworthy Crossword ClueNOTABLE
Workplace at the North Pole Crossword ClueTOYSHOP
Hang in the balance Crossword CluePEND
Chicken ___ (dish named after a city) Crossword ClueKIEV
French coin replaced by the euro Crossword ClueFRANC
Keep possession of Crossword ClueHAVE
Half a dozen Crossword ClueSIX
Morning hrs Crossword ClueAMS
Soar Crossword ClueFLY
Like the other side of the pillow Crossword ClueCOOL
Tree inside some homes during Christmas Crossword ClueFIR
Receiving Soc Crossword ClueRET
Location of the orchestra Crossword CluePIT
Decay, like wood Crossword ClueROT
Skip over Crossword ClueOMIT
Weeding tool Crossword ClueHOE
Hit the slopes Crossword ClueSKI
Quality of sticky tape Crossword ClueADHESIVENESS
Name that's quite fashionable Crossword ClueVERSACE
Misbehaves or errs Crossword ClueTRANSGRESSES
Spontaneous little skit Crossword ClueIMPROVISATION
Was an understudy (2 words) Crossword ClueSTOODIN
Slow, easy stroll Crossword CluePASEO
Minor argument Crossword ClueSPAT
Faced in the ring Crossword ClueBOXED
Yang's partner Crossword ClueYIN
Donkey Kong and King Kong Crossword ClueAPES
Historical time periods Crossword ClueERAS
Airport security org Crossword ClueTSA
Release to you, as a text Crossword ClueSEND
Place for a swirling pool Crossword ClueSPA
Little tricyclist Crossword ClueTYKE
___/her/hers Crossword ClueSHE
"And more of the same" Crossword ClueETC
Foreboding thing Crossword ClueOMEN
Bursts a balloon Crossword CluePOPS
Bursts a balloon Crossword CluePOPS
Bursts a balloon Crossword CluePOPS
Root beer relative Crossword ClueCOLA