Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-01-16

"American ___" (TV show) Crossword ClueIDOL
A dumpster has one, for example Crossword ClueODOR
Take to the slopes Crossword ClueSKI
Many years ___ Crossword ClueAGO
By way of Crossword ClueVIA
What an usher shows you Crossword ClueSEAT
Region Crossword ClueAREA
By way of Crossword ClueVIA
"... with the greatest of ___" Crossword ClueEASE
"The Kids ___ All Right" Crossword ClueARE
"See ya!" Crossword ClueBYE
Marine mammal with whiskers Crossword ClueSEAL
Flowery necklace in Hawaii Crossword ClueLEI
Actor Alan of "Gilligan's Island" Crossword ClueHALE
"She sells seashells ..." is one (2 words) Crossword ClueTONGUETWISTER
" ___ I saw Elba" Crossword ClueERE
Opera offering Crossword ClueARIA
A stone's throw away Crossword ClueNEARBY
Abate (2 words) Crossword ClueLETUP
Like what 16 is compared to 37 Crossword ClueLESS
A little suspicious Crossword ClueLEERY
Left the room Crossword ClueWENT
Out of concern that Crossword ClueLEST
Easy win, in sports Crossword ClueROMP
Disinfectant target Crossword ClueGERM
Contribute to a college Crossword ClueENDOW
Bruce of martial arts films Crossword ClueLEE
Harp, of yore Crossword ClueLYRE
Boyfriend Crossword ClueBEAU
Cunning Crossword ClueWILY
Group that votes alike Crossword ClueBLOC
Small landmass Crossword ClueISLE
Opposite of high Crossword ClueLOW
Suppressed, as emotions (2 words) Crossword CluePENTUP
Chip on one's shoulder Crossword ClueATTITUDE
Object in a fireplace Crossword ClueLOG
Two-masted sailing vessel Crossword ClueYAWL
Baker's ingredient Crossword ClueFLOUR
500-sheet unit of paper Crossword ClueREAM
Where camels stop for refreshment Crossword ClueOASIS
"The Call of the Wild" animal Crossword ClueWOLF
"___ Lang Syne" Crossword ClueAULD
Executive bellyache Crossword ClueULCER
Since day one (2 words) Crossword ClueALLALONG
Second word in fairy tales, often Crossword ClueUPON
A solid caustic Crossword ClueLYE
Brand of small building blocks Crossword ClueLEGO
Computer command Crossword ClueSAVE
Bedside water pitcher Crossword ClueEWER
Enticing store sign Crossword ClueSALE
Munched Crossword ClueATE
Run the car without moving Crossword ClueIDLE
You can dig it Crossword ClueORE
Body of water Crossword ClueLAKE
Sharp knife part Crossword ClueEDGE
Dedicated poem Crossword ClueODE
Corny item? Crossword ClueEAR
Drink that can be brewed by the sun Crossword ClueTEA
Andes pack animal Crossword ClueLLAMA
". Crossword ClueYORE
Where eye color comes from Crossword ClueIRIS
Saucy Crossword CluePERT
Support for a kickoff Crossword ClueTEE
Persistently annoying insect Crossword CluePEST
Guard's place in soccer? Crossword ClueSHIN
Word on U.S. coins Crossword ClueGOD
Play for a fool Crossword ClueDUPE