Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-01-22

Move with head down Crossword ClueSLINK
Adult boy Crossword ClueMAN
Hand-raising activity? Crossword CluePOKER
Legendary story Crossword ClueMYTH
Once around the sun Crossword ClueYEAR
Unforgettable time in history Crossword ClueERA
Violist's clef Crossword ClueALTO
Type of trip Crossword ClueEGO
Snakelike fish Crossword ClueEEL
Landing area for a returning space capsule Crossword ClueSEA
Lipton or Arizona, e.g Crossword ClueTEA
"Ear" anagram Crossword ClueARE
Length x width Crossword ClueAREA
Twelve Crossword ClueDOZEN
Fix, at the vet's office Crossword ClueSPAY
Sailor's employer Crossword ClueNAVY
Worm product Crossword ClueSILK
Door clasp Crossword ClueHASP
Toucan Sam or Donald Duck Crossword ClueBIRD
Chess or Monopoly Crossword ClueGAME
Busy activity Crossword ClueADO
Use as a reference Crossword ClueCITE
Fruit cocktail fruit Crossword CluePEAR
It blows cool air Crossword ClueFAN
Flat-topped elevation Crossword ClueMESA
Milky white gem Crossword ClueOPAL
Not on time Crossword ClueLATE
Camp structure Crossword ClueTENT
A lightbulb represents it in comics Crossword ClueIDEA
It grew when Pinocchio lied Crossword ClueNOSE
Grass square Crossword ClueSOD
Skin cream additive Crossword ClueALOE
Marquetry feature Crossword ClueINLAY
Bobtail mouse Crossword ClueVOLE
Table on a map Crossword ClueLEGEND
Like "Looney Tunes" humor Crossword ClueZANY
Excessive enthusiasm Crossword ClueMANIA
Operate a plane Crossword ClueFLY
"___ shalt not steal" Crossword ClueTHOU
Existential torment Crossword ClueANGST
Reddish-brown horse color Crossword ClueROAN
Word after "spitting" or "graven" Crossword ClueIMAGE
Substitute butter Crossword ClueOLEO
Spouse Crossword ClueHELPMATE
Fancy house opening? Crossword CluePENT
Toil Crossword ClueWORK
Tip, as your hat Crossword ClueDOFF
Make noise like a wolf Crossword ClueHOWL
Burn treatment Crossword ClueBALM
Overly eager Crossword ClueAGOG
Author Crossword CluePENMAN
Army rank Crossword ClueSERGEANT
Miserly people (2 words) Crossword CluePENNYPINCHERS
What an anxious foot does Crossword ClueTAP
Prefix with "freeze" or "body" Crossword ClueANTI
"Absolutely!" Crossword ClueAMEN
Thick soup Crossword ClueSTEW
Pasture Crossword ClueLEA
Rich rock Crossword ClueORE
Mineral spring Crossword ClueSPA
Mei ___ from "Turning Red" Crossword ClueLEE
Function Crossword ClueUSE
Eggs, to a biologist Crossword ClueOVA
Shape of a toy train track Crossword ClueOVAL
Lymph ___ (immune system part) Crossword ClueNODE
Salamander Crossword ClueNEWT