Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-01-23

Top card Crossword ClueACE
Prayer-ending word Crossword ClueAMEN
Timetable letters Crossword ClueETA
Tampa Bay baseballers Crossword ClueRAYS
Flower stalk Crossword ClueSTEM
Not one Crossword ClueNARY
Economics board game Crossword ClueMONOPOLY
Between ports Crossword ClueASEA
What a convict serves Crossword ClueSENTENCE
Opposite of light Crossword ClueDARK
Was certain of Crossword ClueKNEW
Money roll Crossword ClueWAD
"Dick Tracy" character Trueheart Crossword ClueTESS
Cookie man of fame Crossword ClueAMOS
Feeling poorly Crossword ClueILL
O.K. Corral event Crossword ClueSHOOTOUT
Elevator man Crossword ClueOTIS
Practice before a boxing match Crossword ClueSPAR
Mythical food of the gods Crossword ClueAMBROSIA
More aged Crossword ClueOLDER
Estimates value for tax purposes Crossword ClueASSESSES
"Jurassic Park" star Laura Crossword ClueDERN
Expression of pain Crossword ClueOUCH
Make a trade Crossword ClueSWAP
Thousands of pounds Crossword ClueTONS
Silent greeting Crossword ClueWAVE
Place for an earring Crossword ClueLOBE
Cowboy's boot spike Crossword ClueSPUR
Resistance unit Crossword ClueOHM
Mr. Potato ___ Crossword ClueHEAD
Give a Facebook post a like, e.g Crossword ClueREACT
Arthur, to friends Crossword ClueARTY
Sweet board game? Crossword ClueCANDYLAND
Old board game Crossword CluePARCHEESI
Makes colorful, as Easter eggs Crossword ClueDYES
Little drink Crossword ClueSIP
Small amount of hair gel Crossword ClueDAB
Vote for Crossword ClueYEA
State with force Crossword ClueAVER
Get off ___-free Crossword ClueSCOT
Playful "cat" anagram Crossword ClueACT
Some are classified Crossword ClueADS
Finish Crossword ClueEND
Largest continent Crossword ClueASIA
Tune for a diva Crossword ClueARIA
Involved with Crossword ClueINTO
Consent under pressure Crossword ClueACCEDE
Macaroni go-with Crossword ClueCHEESE
Wing of a bird Crossword CluePINION
Silent greeting Crossword ClueWAVE
Attachment to "trooper" or "legal" Crossword CluePARA
Common verb Crossword ClueWAS
How to eaten oysters, often Crossword ClueRAW
Overflowing Crossword ClueABUNDANT
Spelling contest Crossword ClueBEE
Farm insect? Crossword ClueANT
General neighborhood Crossword ClueAREA
Kinsman Crossword ClueRELATION
"Swan Lake," e.g Crossword ClueBALLET
Low cart Crossword ClueDRAY
Economics board game Crossword ClueMONOPOLY
Wordy board game Crossword ClueSCRABBLE
Had a meal Crossword ClueATE
Dubliner's land Crossword ClueEIRE