Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-02-05

Discuss in detail (2 words) Crossword ClueHASHOVER
Childhood coughing ailment Crossword ClueCROUP
Burdensome possession (2 words) Crossword ClueWHITEELEPHANT
Crucifixion symbol Crossword ClueROOD
Firefly feature Crossword ClueGLOW
Playfully mischievous one Crossword ClueSCAMP
Coarse-woven cloth Crossword ClueTWEED
Lomond or Ness Crossword ClueLOCH
Eye doctor's lens Crossword ClueOPTIC
Subject with numbers Crossword ClueMATH
Oasis offering Crossword ClueWATER
One of several layers of cloth Crossword CluePLY
Nickel or dime Crossword ClueCOIN
Fly, to a spider Crossword CluePREY
Eat in a fancy restaurant Crossword ClueDINE
Arby's drive-___ Crossword ClueTHRU
Matilda Wormwood or Wednesday Addams Crossword ClueGIRL
Cynical Crossword ClueSARDONIC
Create sketches Crossword ClueDRAW
It attracts fish Crossword ClueLURE
High-arching toss Crossword ClueLOB
Brand of building blocks Crossword ClueLEGO
There's much of this in Shakespeare? Crossword ClueADO
Like Goofy, compared to Donald and Mickey Crossword ClueTALL
Start of a question Crossword ClueWHO
Get ready for the wedding Crossword CluePLAN
Boot out of office Crossword ClueOUST
Shut the door hard Crossword ClueSLAM
To have and to hold Crossword ClueOWN
Use coupons Crossword ClueREDEEM
Master of ceremonies Crossword ClueEMCEE
Wild blue yonder Crossword ClueSKY
What a hot dog is on Crossword ClueROLL
Not hollow Crossword ClueSOLID
Night bird that gives a hoot Crossword ClueOWL
Brighton brew Crossword ClueALE
Bedside water pitcher Crossword ClueEWER
"Buona ___" ("Good evening" in Italian) Crossword ClueSERA
Make harder to read Crossword ClueENCODE
"I can't ride my bike Crossword CluePUN
Distinctive style or flair Crossword ClueELAN
It fills a pen Crossword ClueINK
Mauna Loa output Crossword ClueLAVA
It often goes with "that" Crossword ClueTHIS
Gung-ho Crossword ClueAVID
Abrupt bit of thunder Crossword ClueCLAP
Large deer with antlers Crossword ClueELK
Advise strongly Crossword ClueURGE
Bathtub swirl Crossword ClueEDDY
Baby bouncer Crossword ClueKNEE
"The ___ of Glory" (Lady Gaga song) Crossword ClueEDGE
Hours-long film, perhaps Crossword ClueEPIC
Shrek is one Crossword ClueOGRE
Barnyard home Crossword ClueSTY
Horrible smell Crossword ClueODOR
___ Ketchum from "Pokemon" Crossword ClueASH
Beginning of a plan Crossword ClueIDEA
Word after Christmas or New Year's Crossword ClueEVE
1977 Triple Crown champion Seattle ___ Crossword ClueSLEW
Intense outrage Crossword ClueIRE
Follow a command Crossword ClueOBEY
Darn, as socks Crossword ClueMEND
Not evenly divisible by two Crossword ClueODD
Blooming Hawaiian loop Crossword ClueLEI
"Chocolate" dog Crossword ClueLAB
Act as the lookout, e.g Crossword ClueABET