Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-02-06

Alfred Pennyworth, to Bruce Wayne Crossword ClueBUTLER
Spanish stewpot Crossword ClueOLLA
"On the double!" Crossword CluePRONTO
Eucharist plate Crossword CluePATEN
Common contraction Crossword ClueHASNT
This crossword has lots of them Crossword ClueCLUES
Tiny mischief maker Crossword ClueIMP
Chops into cubes Crossword ClueDICES
Capital of Idaho Crossword ClueBOISE
Opposite of best Crossword ClueWORST
Doctrines Crossword ClueISMS
Mother-of-pearl maker Crossword ClueABALONE
Like the Grinch Crossword ClueMEAN
Sneak off to get married Crossword ClueELOPE
Parliamentary votes Crossword ClueYEAS
"Hello," in Hawaii Crossword ClueALOHA
Composer Johann Sebastian ___ Crossword ClueBACH
Part of an ear Crossword ClueLOBE
It holds things, with "can" and "tin" hidden inside Crossword ClueCONTAINER
___ up (becomes more solid) Crossword ClueFIRMS
Some mosquitoes carry it Crossword ClueMALARIA
One-eighties Crossword ClueUTURNS
Raindrop sound Crossword CluePLOP
China and Japan's region Crossword ClueFAREAST
Tyrants Crossword ClueDESPOTS
Southwest or JetBlue Crossword ClueAIRLINE
Muscular strength Crossword ClueSINEW
"Your mileage may ___" Crossword ClueVARY
Stitched together Crossword ClueSEWN
Like someone ready to go to bed Crossword ClueTIRED
Lines of seats at the movie theater Crossword ClueROWS
A person paid to play Crossword CluePRO
Extremely pale Crossword ClueASHEN
Defeat someone, as in checkers Crossword ClueBEAT
"Step" backward Crossword CluePETS
Trojan War tale Crossword ClueILIAD
Baseball legend Ripken Crossword ClueCAL
State of agitation Crossword ClueSNIT
Miss America accessory Crossword ClueSASH
It gives a hoot Crossword ClueOWL
Attorneys' org Crossword ClueABA
Letters on a tire Crossword CluePSI
What a carpet cleaner may remove Crossword ClueSPOT
Fencing sword Crossword ClueEPEE
Unaware Crossword ClueOBLIVIOUS
It's in the middle of a tennis court Crossword ClueNET
"Before" to the poets of old Crossword ClueERE
Venue for the Indy 500 Crossword ClueRACEWAY
Group of people Crossword ClueCOMMUNITY
Hostility Crossword ClueANIMOSITY
One behind the wheel Crossword ClueSTEERER
Animal with horns Crossword ClueRAM
Word before a maiden name Crossword ClueNEE
It's smaller than a molecule Crossword ClueATOM
Nest egg component Crossword ClueIRA
Musical passage Crossword ClueCODA
Friend of Jerry, Cosmo and George Crossword ClueELAINE
Add water Crossword ClueHYDRATE