Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-02-12

Not up to the job Crossword ClueUNFIT
Fond du ___, Wisconsin Crossword ClueLAC
Big snake Crossword ClueBOA
Anger Crossword ClueIRE
Roofing material Crossword ClueTAR
Restaurant food list Crossword ClueMENU
Undercover agent Crossword ClueSPY
Have a nice meal Crossword ClueEAT
___ fly (baseball hit) Crossword ClueSAC
Set a match to Crossword ClueLIT
Type of table Crossword ClueEND
Speak positively Crossword ClueAVER
Harp or elephant ___ Crossword ClueSEAL
Sound from the pigeon coop Crossword ClueCOO
Title for Arthur Conan Doyle Crossword ClueSIR
Uno, in English Crossword ClueONE
Not skillful Crossword ClueINEPT
"... for a ___ pittance" Crossword ClueMERE
Group or clique Crossword ClueGANG
Bull's mate Crossword ClueCOW
Marvel Comics' Stan Crossword ClueLEE
Opposite of all Crossword ClueNONE
Within reach Crossword ClueNEAR
Opposite of good Crossword ClueEVIL
Earnest request Crossword CluePLEA
Type of snake Crossword ClueASP
Before, to bards Crossword ClueERE
First-aid ___ Crossword ClueKIT
Highlight of an opera Crossword ClueARIA
Miles ___ hour Crossword CluePER
Horse controller Crossword ClueREIN
Box-office failure Crossword ClueBOMB
Was ahead of the pack Crossword ClueLED
Like taffy Crossword ClueCHEWY
___-tac-toe Crossword ClueTIC
To this point Crossword ClueYET
Dessert made from a stale loaf (2 words) Crossword ClueBREADPUDDING
"Let's Make a ___" (game show) Crossword ClueDEAL
Freshwater fish Crossword ClueBASS
Opposite of bottom Crossword ClueTOP
Place to cook a roast Crossword ClueOVEN
Vice president under Clinton Crossword ClueGORE
Word before a maiden name Crossword ClueNEE
Farmer's pride Crossword ClueCROP
Sharpen, like skills Crossword ClueHONE
Completed Crossword ClueDID
"OK with me!" Crossword ClueFINE
Converse or Nike Crossword ClueSNEAKER
Encourage Crossword ClueURGE
Teeny mischief-maker Crossword ClueIMP
Do a wrecker's job Crossword ClueTOW
Dotted-line command Crossword ClueTEAR
Scream Crossword ClueYELL
Belted out a song Crossword ClueSANG
Island group east of Fiji Crossword ClueTONGA
Shady spot Crossword ClueBOWER
Rest Crossword ClueSLEEP
Long period of time (var.) Crossword ClueAEON
Bird of peace Crossword ClueDOVE
Use a ladle Crossword ClueDIP
Dry as a desert Crossword ClueSERE
Elements of a strategy Crossword ClueTACTICS
12:00 p.m Crossword ClueNOONDAY
Street vendor Crossword CluePEDDLER
Scammed, in a way Crossword ClueSHORTCHANGED
Pig's home Crossword ClueSTY