Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-02-13

Turn hair another color Crossword ClueDYE
Capital of Norway Crossword ClueOSLO
Measurement for land Crossword ClueACRE
Some Apple computers Crossword ClueMACS
Tower for supporting a bridge Crossword ClueTRESTLE
Funny Christmas movie "Home ___" Crossword ClueALONE
The Middle ___ (Medieval Times setting) Crossword ClueAGES
Use it and you'll see many things Crossword ClueEYE
"Frozen" snowman Crossword ClueOLAF
Lymph ___ Crossword ClueNODE
"Good one!" Crossword ClueNICE
They're in magazines and on TV Crossword ClueADS
Fix a sock Crossword ClueDARN
Achy Crossword ClueSORE
Big bird that cannot fly Crossword ClueEMU
Skateboarder's protection Crossword CluePAD
Toy building block Crossword ClueLEGO
Nickname for Robert Crossword ClueROB
___ Allen (furniture store) Crossword ClueETHAN
Low digit? Crossword ClueTOE
Sad babies do this Crossword ClueCRY
A drummer keeps it Crossword ClueBEAT
Fall back, as a tide Crossword ClueEBB
Thai language Crossword ClueLAO
Fancy German car Crossword ClueBMW
Contend or compete Crossword ClueVIE
Yellow fruit part of a sundae Crossword ClueBANANA
Sounds that go with a sheep Crossword ClueBAAS
Happy cats do this Crossword CluePURR
Halo glow Crossword ClueAURA
Trials and tribulations Crossword ClueWOES
Opposite of undo, in Microsoft Word Crossword ClueREDO
Killer whale Crossword ClueORCA
Jack and Jill had one Crossword CluePAIL
Present for sale Crossword ClueOFFER
Not this but .. Crossword ClueTHAT
Did as one was told Crossword ClueOBEYED
Like a turtle or snail Crossword ClueSLOW
Created a web Crossword ClueSPUN
The third month (Abbr.) Crossword ClueMAR
Compass dir Crossword ClueSSE
Teacup or hat part Crossword ClueBRIM
Like getting to class after the bell Crossword ClueLATE
Driver's 180 Crossword ClueUTURN
Type of beam Crossword ClueLASER
Oyster color Crossword ClueECRU
Month of National Creamsicle Day Crossword ClueAUGUST
Out of proper order Crossword ClueAMISS
Astronomer's area of interest Crossword ClueUNIVERSE
Red fruit part of a sundae Crossword ClueCHERRY
Sounds that go with "aahs" Crossword ClueOOHS
Played (with) Crossword ClueTOYED
Like honey or sugar Crossword ClueSWEET
___-tat (snare drum sound) Crossword ClueRATA
Froot ___ (breakfast cereal) Crossword ClueLOOPS
Infuriates Crossword ClueIRES
Cures Crossword ClueHEALS
Of no value to anyone Crossword ClueUSELESS
Tries to get a genie out of a lamp Crossword ClueRUBS
Sticky chocolate part of a sundae (3 words) Crossword ClueHOTFUDGESAUCE
___ of happiness (colorful songster) Crossword ClueBLUEBIRD
Popular-brand sauce used to make chocolate milk (2 words) Crossword ClueHERSHEYSSYRUP