Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-02-20

Compact ___ player Crossword ClueDISC
Clique Crossword ClueGANG
Bear or dog hair Crossword ClueFUR
It's given to a newborn Crossword ClueNAME
Person not telling it like it is Crossword ClueLIAR
Excited about Crossword ClueINTO
Flower supporter Crossword ClueSTEM
Opposite of none Crossword ClueALL
Squeak-stopping application Crossword ClueOIL
Land measurement Crossword ClueACRE
"That's What Friends ___ For" Crossword ClueARE
Where you might get pampered Crossword ClueSPA
MET Opera solo Crossword ClueARIA
Number after zero Crossword ClueONE
Make an attempt Crossword ClueTRY
Pixie ___ (Tinkerbell's magic) Crossword ClueDUST
Cry Crossword ClueWEEP
Opposite of small Crossword ClueBIG
___ mail (email alternative) Crossword ClueSNAIL
Like the farmer MacDonald Crossword ClueOLD
Bundled cotton Crossword ClueBALE
Down in the dumps Crossword ClueLOW
Drive up the wall Crossword ClueIRK
"Do ___ others ..." Crossword ClueUNTO
Shoestring Crossword ClueLACE
Young fellow Crossword ClueLAD
Poetic form Crossword ClueODE
Barbie's boyfriend, sometimes Crossword ClueKEN
Work hard for Crossword ClueEARN
Need medical attention Crossword ClueAIL
Be obligated to Crossword ClueOWE
Under the weather Crossword ClueILL
Part of a staircase Crossword ClueSTEP
Not true Crossword ClueFALSE
Cheerful Crossword ClueGLAD
Kind of puddle or pie Crossword ClueMUD
Whipped cream or a cherry, for one Crossword ClueTOPPING
Couple's possessive Crossword ClueOURS
Opposite of stay awake Crossword ClueSLEEP
Escape through a crevice Crossword ClueSEEP
Brightly colored beetle Crossword ClueLADYBUG
Masculine Crossword ClueMANLY
Pet bird's home, perhaps Crossword ClueCAGE
Try to persuade Crossword ClueURGE
North, south, east or west (2 words) Crossword ClueCOMPASSPOINT
Blue comforter of Linus Van Pelt Crossword ClueBLANKET
Like morning air Crossword ClueBRISK
Snapper's snack Crossword ClueALGA
Sobbing Crossword ClueWEEPING
Bassoon or clarinet insert Crossword ClueREED
Top of a gift-wrapped present Crossword ClueBOW
Is in the past? Crossword ClueWAS
"A long time ___ in a galaxy far, far away ..." Crossword ClueAGO
Peanut butter ___ jelly Crossword ClueAND
Moray, e.g Crossword ClueEEL
Tree-swinging creature Crossword ClueAPE
Fury Crossword ClueIRE
___ gray (black tea) Crossword ClueEARL
Moose or caribou Crossword ClueDEER
Give off Crossword ClueEMIT
By oneself Crossword ClueALONE
Bard's "before" Crossword ClueERE
Fairy-tale villain Crossword ClueOGRE
Regret Crossword ClueRUE
Veggie in a pod Crossword CluePEA
Almanac span (2 years) Crossword ClueCALENDARYEAR
Almanac span (2 years) Crossword ClueCALENDARYEAR