Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-02-27

Place to store hay Crossword ClueBARN
Imitated in a zoo? Crossword ClueAPED
Civil War general Robert E. ___ Crossword ClueLEE
'And now, without further ___ . . .' Crossword ClueADO
Church belief Crossword ClueTENET
Banana discard Crossword CluePEEL
Fireplace unit Crossword ClueGRATE
Grasp Crossword ClueHOLD
Place for a horse Crossword ClueSTALL
In ___ of (alternatively) Crossword ClueLIEU
Certain fruit Crossword CluePEAR
Tucked in for the night Crossword ClueABED
Vacuum cleaner receptacle Crossword ClueBAG
Abbr. after a list of names Crossword ClueETAL
Check out visually Crossword ClueSEE
Overconfident of one's ability Crossword ClueSMUG
Poem form Crossword ClueODE
Milk deliverer's call Crossword ClueMOO
Test, as ore Crossword ClueASSAY
Unpleasant smell Crossword ClueODOR
Big name in credit cards Crossword ClueVISA
Tear with force Crossword ClueREND
Airtight tower on a farm Crossword ClueSILO
Assume a role Crossword ClueACT
Toppler in a line game Crossword ClueDOMINO
Upper part of a glacier where the snow turns to ice Crossword ClueNEVE
Untruth Crossword ClueLIE
Step section Crossword ClueRISER
Powerful gust of wind Crossword ClueGALE
Serene Crossword ClueCALM
Any nostalgic record Crossword ClueOLDIE
Miles ___ hour Crossword CluePER
Besides which Crossword ClueALSO
Rising-temperature cause Crossword ClueAGUE
Large vase Crossword ClueURN
24-hour unit Crossword ClueDAY
Ripped in two Crossword ClueTORE
'Zounds!' Crossword ClueEGAD
Zest for food Crossword ClueAPPETITE
Very small Crossword ClueWEE
Commit a faux pas Crossword ClueERR
'...borrower ___ a lender be' Crossword ClueNOR
Offensive expression Crossword ClueLEER
Steak sauce brand Crossword ClueAONE
'How about that?' old-style Crossword ClueGEE
Unity among players Crossword ClueTEAMWORK
Beat, but not badly Crossword ClueEDGE
Be in a foot race Crossword ClueRUN
Mouth-puckering Crossword ClueSOUR
'Lilo & ___' (Disney film) Crossword ClueSTITCH
Rage relative Crossword ClueIRE
Ripen Crossword ClueAGE
Family group Crossword ClueCLAN
Average (2 words) Crossword ClueSOSO
Polite fellow Crossword ClueGENT
Bug-bite symptom Crossword ClueITCH
Day-care enrollee Crossword ClueTYKE
Choir voice Crossword ClueALTO
Toy building block brand Crossword ClueLEGO
Housekeeping gadget (2 words) Crossword ClueCARPETSWEEPER
Cry like a baby Crossword ClueBAWL
Cast off Crossword ClueEMIT
Begin Crossword ClueSTART
Pale Crossword ClueASHY
Blood fluids Crossword ClueSERA