Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-03-06

Predetermine the outcome Crossword ClueRIG
Part of P.S.T. (2 words) Crossword ClueSTANDARDTIME
Male maturity Crossword ClueMANHOOD
Search for water Crossword ClueDOWSE
Tip, as your hat Crossword ClueDOFF
Clean feathers Crossword CluePREEN
A janitor may have a big one Crossword ClueKEYRING
Opposite of short Crossword ClueLONG
Highly excited with anticipation Crossword ClueAGOG
Creamy candy Crossword ClueFONDANT
Birth name indicator Crossword ClueNEE
Creature that lives in a cave Crossword ClueBAT
How the weasel goes? Crossword CluePOP
Grass patch Crossword ClueSOD
What a lion will often do Crossword ClueROAR
Halftime delivery from a coach (2 words) Crossword CluePEPTALK
TV chef Bobby Crossword ClueFLAY
Short-lived craze Crossword ClueFAD
Some amusement park rides (2 words) Crossword ClueFERRISWHEELS
Opposite of near Crossword ClueFAR
Top rating Crossword ClueAONE
Caesar's eggs Crossword ClueOVA
Fowl female Crossword ClueHEN
Qualified Crossword ClueABLE
Beaver's construction Crossword ClueDAM
Without light Crossword ClueDARK
A big spender may flash one Crossword ClueWAD
To and ___ Crossword ClueFRO
Settle on the tarmac Crossword ClueLAND
Battery liquid Crossword ClueACID
Deadly snake Crossword ClueBOA
Rod and ___ Crossword ClueREEL
Loafer or pump Crossword ClueSHOE
Historic time Crossword ClueERA
Computer image to click Crossword ClueICON
It may be obtained from lying on the beach Crossword ClueTAN
Animal liar Crossword ClueDEN
Place for a football pad Crossword ClueKNEE
Musical wind instrument Crossword ClueOBOE
Feature of many a prima donna Crossword ClueEGO
Opposite of start Crossword ClueEND
Hockey games are played on this Crossword ClueICE
'You ___ what you eat' Crossword ClueARE
Metal-bearing mineral Crossword ClueORE
Teeny-___ Crossword ClueWEENY
Greenish-brown eye shade Crossword ClueHAZEL
Skin mark Crossword ClueMOLE
Expert Crossword ClueWHIZ
Part of a camera or microscope Crossword ClueLENS
Like frozen winter roads Crossword ClueICY
Fork point Crossword ClueTINE
Like frozen winter roads Crossword ClueICY
Many millennia Crossword ClueEON
Geometry calculation Crossword ClueAREA
Geometry calculation Crossword ClueAREA
Shape of a toy train track Crossword ClueOVAL
Word on a receipt Crossword CluePAID
Word on a receipt Crossword CluePAID
Nod backwards? Crossword ClueDON
Kids' card game for two Crossword ClueWAR
Sharp side of a knife Crossword ClueEDGE
Not odd Crossword ClueEVEN
Poetic form Crossword ClueODE
Solemnly swear Crossword ClueAVOW
Disorderly struggle Crossword ClueMELEE
Was victorious Crossword ClueWON
'Don't forget to ___ your i's' Crossword ClueDOT
Vein setting Crossword ClueMINE
Twilled woolen cloth Crossword ClueSERGE