Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-05-22

'If only it ___ just that simple' Crossword ClueWERE
'Who ___ wants some lime pie?' Crossword ClueELSE
Part of a chain Crossword ClueLINK
Like a lemon Crossword ClueSOUR
'___ goes the weasel' Crossword CluePOP
Fully capable Crossword ClueABLE
Word with punching or sleeping Crossword ClueBAG
Dashed off Crossword ClueRAN
26-Down compensator Crossword ClueJOB
'___ Las Vegas' (Elvis movie) Crossword ClueVIVA
Place to watch a basketball game Crossword ClueARENA
Component Crossword CluePART
Sign to put things together Crossword CluePLUS
'You're it!' game Crossword ClueTAG
Hereditary unity Crossword ClueGENE
Greek 'I' or just a wee bit Crossword ClueIOTA
Modern crime evidence Crossword ClueDNA
Conclude Crossword ClueEND
Tennessee football player Crossword ClueTITAN
'Cakes and ___' (W. Somerset Maugham classic) Crossword ClueALE
Barbecue pit residue Crossword ClueASH
Enjoyed yams dipped in mayonnaise Crossword ClueATE
One of two at 37-Down Crossword ClueTEAM
St. or rd Crossword ClueAVE
'Little Orphan Annie' snake? Crossword ClueASP
Not in abundance at all Crossword ClueRARE
Church or prayer word Crossword ClueAMEN
'Fat' farm Crossword ClueSPA
'These ___ few of my favorite toys' (2 words) Crossword ClueAREA
Hawaiian freebies Crossword ClueLEIS
Charged atom Crossword ClueION
Recently possessed Crossword ClueHAD
Chair or bench Crossword ClueSEAT
In the company of Crossword ClueAMONG
Almighty Lord Crossword ClueGOD
Cheerleaders need to have it Crossword CluePEP
Spirited style Crossword ClueELAN
Stuff sold in a pro stadium Crossword ClueBEER
Sing your song alone Crossword ClueSOLO
San Francisco or Chesapeake Crossword ClueBAY
Cue ball's game Crossword CluePOOL
City relative Crossword ClueTOWN
Road with no outlet Crossword ClueIMPASSE
'America the Beautiful' color Crossword ClueAMBER
Prefix for legal or trooper Crossword CluePARA
Sound like an owl Crossword ClueHOOT
___ of hand (magic) Crossword ClueSLEIGHT
Sharp boxing punch Crossword ClueJAB
Many books start with this word Crossword ClueTHE
Candy unit Crossword ClueBAR
Horse's snack Crossword ClueOAT
Type of surgeon Crossword ClueORAL
It can get socked Crossword ClueTOE
They grow when fertilized in a lab Crossword ClueOVA
Combine in a bowl Crossword ClueMIX
Pond's grimy film cover Crossword ClueALGAE
'. . . golden days of ___' Crossword ClueYORE
Indiana-to-Florida dir Crossword ClueESE
Short, quick joke Crossword ClueGAG
Worker's compensation Crossword CluePAY
Looking gaunt and exhausted Crossword ClueHAGGARD
Shoe attachments for some dancers Crossword ClueTAPS
Loose? Far from it Crossword ClueTIGHT
Like an anxious cowboy in old Westerns (2 words) Crossword ClueTRIGGERHAPPY
Raised or elevated, as in rank Crossword ClueEXALTED
Grand Canyon or Petrified Forest (2 words) Crossword ClueNATIONALPARK