Family Time Crossword Puzzle - 2023-07-17

Prepared to take a selfie Crossword CluePOSED
Degree that may take a half decade to get Crossword ClueMBA
Book full of maps Crossword ClueATLAS
Romeo saw Juliet from here Crossword ClueAFAR
Cookie with cream Crossword ClueOREO
Emotion that raises blood pressure Crossword ClueIRE
Where conclusions are made? Crossword ClueEND
Big boys? Crossword ClueMEN
Approximately Crossword ClueABOUT
Square yardage Crossword ClueAREA
Army bed Crossword ClueCOT
Give a public address to many Crossword ClueORATE
Conger line? Crossword ClueEELS
Blade runner? Crossword ClueSLED
A little squirt, sometimes Crossword ClueOIL
Like granny jumping through hoops? Crossword ClueAGILE
Make money or money-making location Crossword ClueMINT
Jog horse-stlye Crossword ClueTROT
Guy as tall as Santa's waist Crossword ClueELF
Paid product pushers Crossword ClueADS
Totals up in the brain Crossword ClueADDS
Fuss to a poet of 1624 Crossword ClueADO
Vending machine part Crossword ClueSLOT
Where you'll find China Crossword ClueASIA
Hall-of-Fame baseball player Ty Crossword ClueCOBB
Prefix meeting revived or new Crossword ClueNEO
Contents of your Oscars bag Crossword ClueSWAG
Company with an eye logo Crossword ClueCBS
Office copy that's not an original Crossword ClueREPRO
Like oxygen to humans Crossword ClueINDISPENSABLE
Lose a lap? Crossword ClueSTAND
Trade item? Crossword ClueTOOL
Arm decoration Crossword ClueTAT
Like one-and-only things Crossword ClueIRREPLACEABLE
Pressing desire Crossword ClueURGE
Drifters on the water Crossword ClueBOATS
Move like a pebble is in your shoe Crossword ClueLIMP
The Almighty Crossword ClueGOD
Certainly not verbose Crossword ClueTERSE
Acting ambassador? Crossword ClueAGENT
Liquidy meal Crossword ClueSOUP
Did more than just approached the bench Crossword ClueSAT
Strangely peculiar Crossword ClueODD
Orchestra instrument Crossword ClueOBOE
Be in stitches? Crossword ClueSEW
Tennis divisions Crossword ClueSETS
Big city in Brazil Crossword ClueRIO
Birds' building Crossword ClueNEST
'Is' multiplied Crossword ClueARE
Bro or little sis, to you Crossword ClueSIB
Try, try again Crossword ClueREDO
Ewe can eat here Crossword ClueLEA
Was introduced to Crossword ClueMET
Your twin, but not your brother-in-law (2 words) Crossword ClueBLOODRELATION
Off ___ good start (2 words) Crossword ClueTOA
Liver fluid Crossword ClueBILE
Rotates Crossword ClueSPINS
Cut branches mightily Crossword ClueLOP
Gradually rolled back, as a tide Crossword ClueEBBED
Kiln for drying hops and whatnot Crossword ClueOAST
Not bro, the ranch guy Crossword ClueDUDE
Common photo finish Crossword ClueMATTE
Coming unglued? Crossword ClueLOOSE
'Ding-___, the witch is dead' Crossword ClueDONG