Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Puzzle - 2023-05-01

A type of memory that has a special quality Crossword ClueAROMA
Costume from French region Crossword ClueMIDI
Speech lacking commercial cover Crossword ClueDRESS
It's said regularly during four ball Crossword ClueORAL
Current measures introduced as money problems snowball Crossword ClueAMPS
Come up with remote field name Crossword ClueRAFAEL
US city cuts down green growth Crossword ClueSALAD
Excessive spending broke GP rules Crossword ClueSPLURGE
Called to have one removed - it's what makes you a doctor! Crossword CluePHONED
Block fool detaining copper in major city Crossword ClueDAMASCUS
Pioneering gardeners made Nevada special Crossword ClueADAMANDEVE
Endlessly light dance seen all around the world Crossword ClueGLOBAL
Jeer Republican, a bad-mannered one Crossword ClueBOOR
Model drunk? Don't do anything Crossword ClueSITTIGHT
Lured by untreated part of empty drain Crossword ClueDRAWN
Turn up having cried terribly saying goodbye to Italy Crossword ClueARRIVEDERCI
Run after something that's more plainly rubbish Crossword ClueBALDERDASH
Rotten food store works to come back Crossword ClueSPOILED
Clever to have home in Wicklow town Crossword ClueBRAINY
Simple but successful conclusion to parachute jump Crossword ClueDOWNTOEARTH
Aware of thought wife has at funeral party Crossword ClueWIDEAWAKE
Groups of actors losing heart seeing such recurring themes Crossword ClueTROUPES
Display family trait and accept post Crossword ClueTAKEAFTER
Food regularly found in bars Crossword ClueCHOCOLATE
Challenges those lacking choice Crossword ClueBEGGARS