LA Times Daily Crossword Puzzle - 2023-07-17

Sat for a photo Crossword CluePOSED
Org. that collects workplace injury data Crossword ClueOSHA
Pollution-fighting org Crossword ClueEPA
Wealth Crossword ClueRICHES
Bounce Crossword ClueHOP
WPA creator Crossword ClueFDR
Japanese wrestling Crossword ClueSUMO
Family lads Crossword ClueSONS
Muscles above abs Crossword CluePECS
Fill to the max Crossword ClueSATE
Soil Crossword ClueEARTH
Grouchy one Crossword ClueCRAB
Elect (to) Crossword ClueOPT
From the top Crossword ClueAGAIN
Fishing poles Crossword ClueRODS
Clairvoyant's claim Crossword ClueESP
Dollar bill Crossword ClueONE
Stretch of history Crossword ClueERA
Govt. intel group Crossword ClueNSA
Put pen to paper Crossword ClueWRITE
Soup cooker Crossword CluePOT
Otherwise Crossword ClueELSE
Celestial Seasonings products Crossword ClueTEAS
Sneak attack Crossword ClueAMBUSH
Bowler's hangout Crossword ClueALLEY
"Tiny Dancer" singer John Crossword ClueELTON
Give voice to Crossword ClueSAY
Nonhuman primate Crossword ClueAPE
Cavernous opening Crossword ClueMAW
Pea sheller's discard Crossword CluePOD
"Searching for Mexico" host Longoria Crossword ClueEVA
Sioux City citizen Crossword ClueIOWAN
Like a farming community Crossword ClueRURAL
Plays a part Crossword ClueACTS
Chuck of "Meet the Press" Crossword ClueTODD
Vitality Crossword CluePEP
Spot for valuables Crossword ClueSAFE
Commotion Crossword ClueSTIR
West Coast sch. with the most Rose Bowl wins Crossword ClueUSC
Reach Crossword ClueGETTO
Waikiki's island Crossword ClueOAHU
Coach Ted played by Jason Sudeikis Crossword ClueLASSO
Endeavor Crossword ClueTRY
Yield to gravity Crossword ClueSAG
Managed care gps Crossword ClueHMOS
Chat at length Crossword ClueGAB
__ butter: moisturizer in L'Occitane products Crossword ClueSHEA
"Aladdin" parrot named for a Shakespeare villain Crossword ClueIAGO
Soap unit Crossword ClueBAR
Designer Christian Crossword ClueDIOR
U-turn from NNW Crossword ClueSSE
Tattle (on) Crossword ClueRAT
Formerly, quaintly Crossword ClueERST
Lie alongside Crossword ClueABUT
Oil cartel acronym Crossword ClueOPEC
Summer attire Crossword ClueSHORTS
File that might be e-signed Crossword CluePDF
Highway officers Crossword ClueTROOPERS
"Still ... " Crossword ClueEVENSO
Gasp for breath Crossword CluePANT
Somewhat swollen Crossword CluePUFFY
Portable evacuation kit Crossword ClueGOBAG
Goes halfsies with, say Crossword ClueSHARES
One-named "Believe" singer Crossword ClueCHER
"Crazy Rich Asians" novelist Kevin Crossword ClueKWAN
Like most pretzels and chips Crossword ClueSALTED
Low-tech hair dryer Crossword ClueTOWEL
Packed can of fish Crossword ClueSARDINETIN
Clump of dirt Crossword ClueCLOD
Bizarre, and what the ends of 16-, 22-, 37-, and 49-Across are when redecorating Crossword ClueOFFTHEWALL
Acrobat's springboard Crossword ClueTRAMPOLINE
Many a writing exercise in a fiction class Crossword ClueCHARACTERSKETCH
Cold zero-calorie drink Crossword ClueICEWATER
News outlets Crossword ClueMEDIA
Spotted pattern appropriate for a catsuit Crossword ClueLEOPARDPRINT
Bed that may have a canopy Crossword ClueFOURPOSTER
Prize announcement that often involves pingpong balls Crossword ClueLOTTODRAWING