Premier Sunday Crossword Puzzle - 2023-03-12

A whole lot Crossword ClueOODLES
Sweltering Crossword ClueHOT
And so on: Abbr Crossword ClueETC
Formed a lap Crossword ClueSAT
SpaceX founder Musk Crossword ClueELON
Go in haste Crossword ClueHIE
Ski lift type Crossword ClueTBAR
"I have no idea!" Crossword ClueSEARCHME
Optical Crossword ClueVISUAL
Madison Ave. contact Crossword ClueADREP
Actor Ayres Crossword ClueLEW
Crime doer Crossword CluePERP
Burdened Crossword ClueLADEN
Lena of "The Reader" Crossword ClueOLIN
Bath fixture Crossword ClueTUB
Figure skater Midori Crossword ClueITO
Capital of aMexico state Crossword ClueTOLUCA
"Your Song" singer John Crossword ClueELTON
Diner offering Crossword ClueMEAL
Greek vowel Crossword ClueOMEGA
Printer fluid Crossword ClueINK
Medieval protectors of trade Crossword ClueMERCHANTGUILD
Managers of houses in a subdivision Crossword ClueHOMEOWNERSASSOCIATION
K-O linkup Crossword ClueLMN
Foot part Crossword ClueTOE
One-sharp musical key Crossword ClueEMINOR
Icebox Crossword ClueFREEZER
Country east of Arg Crossword ClueURU
Tennis' Björn Crossword ClueBORG
Corrective eye surgery Crossword ClueLASIK
Fruity drink Crossword ClueADE
He played Al Bundy on TV Crossword ClueEDONEILL
Become lenient Crossword ClueGOSOFT
Wish-granting spirits Crossword ClueGENIES
Popular Aussie boots Crossword ClueUGGS
Intestine: Prefix Crossword ClueENTERO
Be certain Crossword ClueMAKESURE
Patron saint of sailors Crossword ClueELMO
By means of Crossword ClueVIA
Surfs the internet, e.g Crossword ClueBROWSES
Exact look-alike Crossword ClueDOUBLE
"— Lisa" Crossword ClueMONA
Not at all tight Crossword ClueLOOSE
Planners of campus events Crossword ClueSTUDENTUNION
Atop, in poems Crossword ClueOER
Often-pickled red vegetable Crossword ClueBEETROOT
Sticky gunk Crossword ClueGOO
It consists of 13-player football teams Crossword ClueRUGBYLEAGUE
French bud Crossword ClueAMI
Whole lot Crossword ClueTON
Mecca-to-Medina flight Crossword ClueHEGIRA
Dragon in "The Hobbit" Crossword ClueSMAUG
Records file Crossword ClueDATABASE
Japanese alternative to massage Crossword ClueREIKI
Mark with multicolored spots Crossword ClueMOTTLE
Of axons and dendrites Crossword ClueNEURAL
Dutch painter Jan Crossword ClueSTEEN
Fidel's cohort Crossword ClueCHE
Fighters of animal cruelty Crossword ClueHUMANESOCIETY
Splotchy GI garb Crossword ClueCAMOS
Political campaigners for a particular issue Crossword ClueACTIONGROUP
It has Cut and Copy commands Crossword ClueEDITMENU
— Dame Crossword ClueNOTRE
Avocado dip, for short Crossword ClueGUAC
Bible book before Job Crossword ClueESTHER
Regulators of a moral code Crossword ClueETHICSCOMMITTEE
Dragon in "The Hobbit" Crossword ClueSMAUG
It consists of 13-player football teams Crossword ClueRUGBYLEAGUE
Prince, e.g Crossword ClueSON
Self-help author LeShan Crossword ClueEDA
Punch combo Crossword ClueONETWO
Anna of fashion Crossword ClueSUI
Sharp as — Crossword ClueATACK
Company VIP Crossword ClueDIRECTOR
Hit — (run into some trouble) Crossword ClueASNAG
Suitable Crossword ClueFIT
Point of view Crossword ClueANGLE
Artsy cap Crossword ClueBERET
Ram's mate Crossword ClueEWE
To's partner Crossword ClueFRO
Fly trapper Crossword ClueWEB
"Tsk!" Crossword ClueTUT
PC key Crossword ClueESC
Positive vote Crossword ClueYEA
Company VIP Crossword ClueCEO
Dove's call Crossword ClueCOO
Boise's state Crossword ClueIDAHO
Wields Crossword ClueUSES
Electees, e.g Crossword ClueINS
Suffix with racket Crossword ClueEER
Wonderment Crossword ClueAWE
Pitching stat Crossword ClueERA
PC key Crossword ClueENTER
Disloyal sort Crossword ClueRAT
Hard to find Crossword ClueRARE
Claimed psychic gift Crossword ClueESP
Newspaper of the USSR Crossword CluePRAVDA
Roman 1,200 Crossword ClueMCC
Ice cream drink Crossword ClueMALTED
She was Mrs. Gorbachev Crossword ClueRAISA
Latin "I love" Crossword ClueAMO
— de plume Crossword ClueNOM
Ivy and kudzu Crossword ClueVINES
Philippine capital Crossword ClueMANILA
Stephen of "Still Crazy" Crossword ClueREA
Eye-related Crossword ClueOCULAR
More devious Crossword ClueSLYER
Listens to Crossword ClueHEEDS
Consignment shop deal Crossword ClueRESALE
Replay speed, briefly Crossword ClueSLOMO
Gel in a lab Crossword ClueAGAR
Pakistani language Crossword ClueURDU
Travail Crossword ClueTOIL
Aspirin target Crossword CluePAIN
Lyric-penning Gershwin Crossword ClueIRA
A, in Berlin Crossword ClueEIN
Timothy Leary's drug Crossword ClueLSD
Fish eggs Crossword ClueROE
Years on end Crossword ClueAEON
Nuptial oath Crossword ClueIDO
— -friendly Crossword ClueECO
Seep out Crossword ClueOOZE
Little drink Crossword ClueSIP
Join nuptially Crossword ClueWED
Pitching star Crossword ClueACE
Dark loaf Crossword ClueRYE
Gin inventor Whitney Crossword ClueELI
Buddhism branch Crossword ClueZEN
Sea, in Paris Crossword ClueMER