The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Puzzle - 2023-03-03

Henry staying in York location for free Crossword ClueONTHEHOUSE
Wait for one tenor to join in Crossword ClueSTAY
It's played in honour of leader Crossword ClueOBOE
Don't know location of London Bridge? Head for market close to here Crossword ClueSEARCHME
Artist one criminal attacks violently Crossword ClueTEARSINTO
Land fish — one is thrown back, having been caught Crossword ClueTUNISIA
Small change affected her plans Crossword ClueSHRAPNEL
Paper that's made up of lies? Crossword ClueTISSUE
Stole nuts from the bottom and left quickly Crossword ClueSNAFFLED
Duchess ultimately visits on and off — it's enough for duke Crossword ClueFISTFUL
Composer Zuckerberg's baby born in South Africa Crossword ClueSMETANA
Playwright (female) at rock bottom after upset Crossword ClueSHERIDAN
Recently let down, having left Delaware for love Crossword ClueOFLATE
Run, man, run! He may stop him Crossword ClueEXTRACOVER
Unpredictable psychopaths are gathering round former drug dealer Crossword ClueAPOTHECARYSSHOP
Homeworkers to Fred seriously touched Crossword ClueDOITYOURSELFERS
Workers with new party in impasse Crossword ClueSTANDOFF
No bother mostly cutting through concrete Crossword ClueREFUSAL
Drive truck back surrounded by monkeys Crossword ClueIMPETUS
Game about having fancy man over desk Crossword ClueBUREAU
Supply content for a French paper Crossword ClueEQUIP
Twice harbouring a prejudice Crossword ClueBIAS
Revealed in touching way Crossword ClueROUTE
Scary colleague in Shoreditch so psyched up Crossword CluePOSH
Scary colleague in Shoreditch so psyched up Crossword CluePOSH
Idiot in school's a pain Crossword ClueSTITCH
Harrow teacher cycling to Thailand Crossword ClueTORMENT