The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Puzzle - 2023-03-10

Less than four? Education is primary Crossword ClueUNDERIVED
Contest to go across school with three legs? Crossword ClueTRIPODAL
First part of Netflix serial broadcast: they expose lies Crossword ClueNAILERS
Terrible thing in stomach after virus Crossword ClueBUGBEAR
Desire in Rod to go for every hot thing Crossword ClueCAYENNEPEPPER
Grill princess about blocking gross press Crossword ClueGRIDIRON
More erotic guide describing second threesome of bigamists Crossword ClueSTEAMIER
Show hole under knickers, briefly Crossword CluePANTO
Performing properly wearing clothes Crossword ClueINGEAR
Imprison Conservative? Good! Crossword ClueCONFINE
Meat consumer after replacement that's equivalent Crossword ClueCOMMENSURATE
Contemporaries of Duke, say, scramble to protect Harry's heart Crossword CluePEERGROUP
Chapter in short life story: they might fly over the pond for celebrity Crossword ClueBIGCHEESE
Empty the sink, initially after bath floods Crossword ClueSPATES
Stick of wax candle, initially bit of light showing Crossword ClueCRAYON
Repeatedly Old Bill's covering up unacceptable things Crossword ClueTABOOS
Appear again united — on King Charles carries! Crossword ClueRECUR
Swinger called after love Crossword ClueORANG
Harry for Meghan? A looker mostly head over heels, being in Africa Crossword ClueHYENA
Royal family start to get corresponding Crossword ClueKINGLIKE
Harry or Meghan: press? They can make words up Crossword CluePHRASEMONGERS
Need time after Spare, Prince Harry ultimately admits Crossword CluePOVERTY
Leader of strike with nurse: it's shocking Crossword ClueSCARER
Shadow cabinet essentially cutting protective clothing? One might be fuming Crossword ClueTAILPIPE
Desperately beg, as NHS matters Crossword ClueSHEBANGS
Plastic toys with a McDonald's, primarily for recycling Crossword ClueSTYROFOAM
Spain behind when playing: winger's back to stop short corners Crossword ClueHAIRPINBENDS
Children play with this yo-yo Crossword ClueSEESAW
Children play with this yo-yo Crossword ClueSEESAW