The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Puzzle - 2023-03-29

Random few one's found in East London area that's swinging Crossword ClueWIFESWAPPING
Fickle character, clumsy actor and English stars in vacuous cartoon Crossword ClueCHAMELEON
Hard to leave Confucian classic, which is topping Crossword ClueICING
What diner did with pork pie recipe in drawer here? Crossword ClueATELIER
Where tablets were given wrong kind of computer program Crossword ClueSINAI
Very pleasant detailed figure in computer game Crossword ClueSONIC
Precious metal base is shining Crossword ClueAGLOW
Muslim belonging to a student group rejected Crossword ClueSUNNI
Look up, eating half of cold dry cheese Crossword ClueRICOTTA
Deliberately gave nothing to would-be borrowers Crossword ClueLENTO
Make concrete in Israel, building side of edifice Crossword ClueREALISE
Person ridiculing authoritarian approach, but not loudly Crossword ClueIRONIST
After engaging writers, publisher says what it thinks Crossword ClueOPENSUP
Day out in nude provoked dissatisfaction Crossword ClueENNUI
Conservative greeting opponent, a red Crossword ClueCHIANTI
That man tells stories, including primarily clever twists Crossword ClueHELICES
Bread is mine — cheers! Crossword CluePITTA
Enterprise spacecraft is a vessel with holes in it Crossword ClueCOLANDER
Orchestra leader to look over popular overture from Ives Crossword ClueTOSCANINI
Everybody warned to ignore odds during sporting tie Crossword ClueONEANDALL
Drunk grasps article on Latin work by Eliot Crossword ClueWASTELAND