The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Puzzle - 2023-07-17

Seasonal cake you will make a note of, they say Crossword ClueYULELOG
A Mexico neighbour, a month back, shot at meal Crossword ClueGUATEMALA
Such reactionary opinions of noted oldie: why change? Crossword ClueDYEDINTHEWOOL
A hairstyle for each month Crossword CluePERM
Distinguished gathering at the hairdresser's? Crossword ClueSALON
Hurry up and squash that bug Crossword ClueSTEPONIT
Upfront, never accept the offered alliance Crossword ClueNATO
Men return to earth over Florida city Crossword ClueORLANDO
But it's not the only bird that settles for the night Crossword ClueROOSTER
Don't know what to say? It's no way to make a sale Crossword ClueATALOSS
Cub needs aid to put on weight Crossword ClueWHELP
In a bag, a male lizard Crossword ClueAGAMA
Tease lecturer about silly old soft toy Crossword ClueRAGDOLL
Your passenger is very left-wing Crossword ClueFELLOWTRAVELLER
Nasty publicity to get you to have your cervix checked? Crossword ClueSMEARCAMPAIGN
Playing option every football club would like? Crossword ClueFASTFORWARD
One marsupial in love with another Crossword ClueOPOSSUM
Girl from Morecambe area? Crossword ClueERICA
Third cousin perhaps aloof corresponding Crossword ClueDISTANTRELATIVE
Makes inaudible doctor admit wrong to us Crossword ClueDROWNSOUT
Courage to overcome shattering grief Crossword ClueHEARTBREAK
Bellowing voice: hard to see where it is coming from? Crossword ClueFOGHORN
Poor at painting, I strain badly and twitch Crossword ClueINARTISTIC
Supposing Oscar to be languishing Crossword ClueOPINING
Unnerves nearly defenceless slithery creature Crossword ClueRATTLESNAKE
A sentimental lover, name withheld, is spicy Crossword ClueAROMATIC