The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Puzzle - 2022-10-24

Just perfect! Crossword ClueRIGHT
Old bird meets an inexperienced driver outside Crossword ClueEXTERNAL
Travelling comedian strangely lacking in energy Crossword ClueNOMADIC
Chained wild animal eating ants Crossword ClueECHIDNA
Fear brat's latest mistake Crossword ClueTERROR
Sugary liquid comprising nitrogen and trace elements Crossword ClueNECTAR
Shows the door to vacant juvenile taken in by eccentric sect Crossword ClueEJECTS
Chucked the auditor's chair Crossword ClueTHROWN
Lacking fragrance, love? Manufacture or use LSD Crossword ClueODOURLESS
Period of instruction is said to be moderate Crossword ClueLESSEN
King briefly affected there with eg ADHD Crossword ClueEDWARDTHEEIGHTH
Nothing in schedule for early morning caller Crossword ClueROOSTER
Force most of the decay Crossword ClueTHRUST
Lifted title regularly to gain mark of honour Crossword ClueROSETTE
Penny amusement for the audience's gratification Crossword CluePLEASURE
Power of a military leader on Cyprus Crossword ClueAGENCY
Transport lead-free electricity without it getting diverted Crossword ClueTRICYCLE
Cut wood conceals nothing Crossword ClueGROOVE
Master the care problem Crossword ClueTEACHER
Actors I prevent from leaving reprimand Crossword ClueCASTIGATE
Someone taking charge of Switzerland alongside high-flyer Crossword ClueCHAIRMAN
Essential to slip on choir cloak Crossword CluePONCHO
Served up aspic in a tasting sample — that's nasty! Crossword ClueSATANIC
Receivers cunningly copied store sale Crossword ClueRADIOTELESCOPES
Animal starts to rub himself in nut oil Crossword ClueRHINO
It helps to make sex tremendously intense Crossword ClueEXTREME
Refined gelatine mixture without a pig's guts Crossword ClueELEGANT
Rob and Jason's desire? Crossword ClueFLEECE