The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Puzzle - 2023-01-16

Smear black mass Crossword ClueBLOT
Teachers reinterpreted units of measurement Crossword ClueHECTARES
Mischievous chimp is hassling constituents Crossword ClueIMPISH
Snob put it into menu alongside exquisite starter Crossword ClueELITIST
Bring out some of Israeli citizen's contents Crossword ClueELICIT
Cinders or sweetheart washed up Crossword ClueASHORE
Beast of burden arrived at Leatherhead Crossword ClueCAMEL
A bad back but not dying Crossword ClueALIVE
Put up with Rupert, perhaps? Crossword ClueBEAR
Separate article is covered in gold Crossword ClueOTHER
Effect of insidious banks taking legal action Crossword ClueISSUE
Holy man gagged and put on the rack Crossword ClueSTRETCHED
Brushes aside colour with it in circles Crossword ClueDISCREDITS
Squeezes tightly in swish dance manoeuvres Crossword ClueSANDWICHES
Bet declared invalid but is honoured Crossword ClueCELEBRATED
Put up with conclusion to rude shenanigans Crossword ClueENDURED
Wife's son, perhaps, lets hip CD play Crossword ClueSTEPCHILD
Rather weird headless fish on plate Crossword ClueODDISH
Unwilling to move train sets Crossword ClueRESISTANT
Drop Laurence Olivier's initials onto graduate certificate Crossword ClueDIPLOMA
It punctures intellect in this sceptred isle Crossword ClueBRITAIN
Support nothing prior to Sarah's offer Crossword CluePROPOSAL
She's a left-hander in disguise, showing no real enthusiasm Crossword ClueHALFHEARTEDNESS
Fixed terminus on a railway Crossword ClueSTATIONARY
Unexpectedly predicts what's written down Crossword ClueSCRIPTED
It's used to study the ear and scoop urea out Crossword ClueAUROSCOPE
Finally settle the legitimate fine Crossword ClueETHEREAL
Inmates of Belsen freed otherwise Crossword ClueELSE
Lover of Zeus thanks another Greek character Crossword ClueIOTA