The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Puzzle - 2023-01-30

Knowledgeable solicitor, say, on a roll finally with a great score in golf Crossword ClueLEGALEAGLE
See paper in elevated room Crossword ClueLOFT
Suspect cleaner hid hanging feature? Crossword ClueCHANDELIER
Liberal Scottish musician provides attraction Crossword ClueLURE
Problem in turn with tiros cooking Mexican food Crossword ClueBURRITOS
Drive shown by old boy in Hertfordshire town producing theatrical costumes Crossword ClueWARDROBE
The last to get a shift shows furtive manner Crossword ClueSTEALTH
Prank by one opposing Conservative Crossword ClueANTIC
Obstruct one riding horse Crossword ClueSTALLION
Conservator has short form essentially about introduction to antiquities Crossword ClueCURATOR
Decorative covering never altered around front of exhibits Crossword ClueVENEER
Pulse starts to trouble husband resting on bed Crossword ClueTHROB
This writer's mature portrayal Crossword ClueIMAGE
Idiot has to stop detaining fine all-female group Crossword ClueHALFWIT
Fighter breaking a rule badly gets long reprimand Crossword ClueEARFUL
Bread in store for later needs? Crossword ClueNESTEGG
Appalled by Henry, when getting into a sports car Crossword ClueAGHAST
Sweltering Celt taking off jacket in tourist accommodation Crossword ClueHOTEL
Grey Geneva, maybe, lacking a leader? It's a Swiss hallmark Crossword ClueNEUTRALITY
Suggestion to conceal display device Crossword ClueTOUCHSCREEN
Some superior feed for pond fish Crossword ClueORFE
Ambassador with attitude about India is dithering Crossword ClueHESITANCE
Ban dire criminal entering international court Crossword ClueINTERDICT
Scientific site over year favoured this when shorn of international networks Crossword ClueLABYRINTHS
Stop at an early stage trouble behind input Crossword ClueNIPINTHEBUD
Stock fare prepared for working party Crossword ClueTASKFORCE
Revolutionary is leading element close to workers' protests Crossword ClueSITINS
Activity of those out to deter others? Crossword CluePICKETING
Old comic afterwards trimmed and in fine fettle Crossword ClueTHEDANDY
Stadium lacking in new locality Crossword ClueAREA