The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Puzzle - 2023-03-20

Mother, say, staying in area with work, as far as one knows Crossword ClueAPPARENTLY
Unfavourable or commercial part of a poet's output? Crossword ClueADVERSE
Measure needing no introduction in the past for a back condition Crossword ClueLUMBAGO
Encountered article probing helium and a greenhouse gas Crossword ClueMETHANE
Estate, maybe, with lands and showy flowers Crossword ClueCARNATIONS
Unexpectedly, come across leaders of this operation after argument Crossword ClueRUNINTO
Farm animal, one that's agitated bird Crossword CluePIGEON
Greek character and daughter, for example, brought up reminder Crossword ClueNUDGE
Small dissenting group following court proceedings Crossword ClueFACTION
Records are put in these parts of jackets Crossword ClueSLEEVES
Put off playing a certain sport Crossword CluePROCRASTINATE
Pleasant company in a glen when rambling Crossword ClueCONGENIAL
Unwavering fellow found in ground, as stated Crossword ClueSTEADFAST
Shed light on condition acquired by comedian Julian Crossword ClueCLARIFY
Choice of candidates barring first in vote Crossword ClueELECTION
A regulation dividing military intelligence in this African country Crossword ClueMALAWI
Granny prepared for return in French city Crossword ClueNANTES
Charitable giver supplying name in entrance Crossword ClueDONOR
Stop paying attention with changeover on holiday Crossword ClueSWITCHOFF
Enter uninvited cage mixed with trash Crossword ClueGATECRASH
Fool shortly facing guaranteed shutdown Crossword ClueCLOSURE
Charlie and son housed in modern arc-shaped road Crossword ClueCRESCENT
A number detained by US city journalist getting irked Crossword ClueANNOYED
Dull learner with a need for redirection Crossword ClueLEADEN
Insignificant type flustered about time Crossword CluePETTY
Cover pieces of footage in here at intervals Crossword ClueECLIPSE
Some forum basically for Cuban dance Crossword ClueRUMBA
Cheating footballer might resort to this seedy joint Crossword ClueDIVE
This person's a married prayer leader Crossword ClueIMAM