The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Puzzle - 2023-05-22

Hog the limelight in high society time after time Crossword ClueUPSTAGE
Grapple with story about lead characters in Citizen Kane Crossword ClueTACKLE
Boy in spectacles is on electronic instrument Crossword ClueOBOE
Overcharge for woollen coat Crossword ClueFLEECE
Chinese dynasty's spirit and civilisation ultimately endure Crossword ClueHANGON
Disheartened, buy into spreading largesse Crossword ClueBOUNTY
Herb comes from source of Tagus River in part of Spain Crossword ClueTARRAGON
Note has wrong tense in wording Crossword ClueTEXT
Jack's quietly hiding keys in utility vehicle Crossword ClueJEEP
Latest thing is going round northern Sweden's mountains Crossword ClueRANGES
Is able to get one's drug Crossword ClueCANNABIS
Came in first, guarding each president with gun Crossword ClueWEAPON
Badger home to locate aunt's last letter Crossword ClueSETT
Be very obvious criticism's not allowed Crossword ClueSTICKOUT
Inclination to look after nurse with cold, back on duty Crossword ClueTENDENCY
Raised problem with copper getting fat, almost brawny Crossword ClueMUSCULAR
Thanks father with parting drink Crossword ClueTAPWATER
Cook gently put in white fish Crossword ClueSWIMMER
Will administrator's former partner finally settle court action? Crossword ClueEXECUTOR
Unflagging elders regularly engaged in mysterious rites Crossword ClueTIRELESS
Legendary UFO lab rocked America Crossword ClueFABULOUS
I'll organise getting holiday book containing sex Crossword ClueLEAVEITTOME