The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Puzzle - 2023-07-17

Withdraw from dire pub job in the end Crossword ClueEBB
Heavies regularly protecting first lady Crossword ClueEVE
Comforting words available repeatedly in that place Crossword ClueTHERE
Country centrally engaged in crusade Crossword ClueAMERICA
Suddenly criticised for being aroused Crossword ClueTURNEDON
Fear is no longer maintaining resistance Crossword ClueDREAD
Old city that's almost perfect Crossword ClueTHEBES
Secret ice store is in pieces Crossword ClueESOTERIC
In central Iraq once, Fahad established a large farm Crossword ClueRANCH
Cover on centre intended to protect pupil Crossword ClueEYELID
Short digital sketch? Crossword ClueTHUMBNAIL
Easy task, they say, to find such cheeses Crossword ClueBREEZE
North African city proving more spicy? Crossword ClueTANGIER
Tutor hurt during school session cut short Crossword ClueTEACHER
Attendant losing time working as messenger Crossword ClueCOURIER
Leave priest cavorting outside in selfish activities Crossword ClueEGOTRIPS
Work with someone managing to secure zero energy charge Crossword ClueCOOPERATE
It's not unusual to hold a position Crossword ClueSTATION
Old English queen full of fever? Not so certain Crossword ClueVAGUER
Early Christian duo wrote many songs Crossword CluePAULSIMON
Seriously criticise complaint about food rejected by vegetarians ... Crossword ClueROASTBEEF
Trespasser goes climbing, carrying this unpleasant specimen Crossword ClueOGRESS
Act in accordance with class Crossword CluePERFORM
Guardiola attending lecture that's intentionally encouraging Crossword CluePEPTALK
Engineer boycotted site — it must be settled by criminal Crossword ClueDEBTTOSOCIETY
Arranged for aggressive young man to accept help Crossword ClueLAIDOUT
Stretch on grass — it's a faster way to work Crossword ClueRATRUN
... which gets pulled after chicken dinner Crossword ClueWISHBONE
Composer about to enter live performance Crossword ClueGREIG
It might enhance domestic harmony, if iron is hung differently? Crossword ClueFENGSHUI
Landlord with lots on deposit Crossword ClueMINEHOST