The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Puzzle - 2023-03-17

Rate endless church sermon Crossword ClueSPEECH
Ignore new vote to secure leader of government Crossword ClueNEGLECT
Mineral content in stale cake, just the very first piece Crossword ClueTALC
Write about melody part of Holst's famed suite Crossword ClueNEPTUNE
Reason fever overwhelms resistance Crossword ClueARGUE
Title of hospital with target date failing to open Crossword ClueHEADLINE
Disassemble huge uncovered shelters near island Crossword ClueUNRIG
A pigeon's trained by English for spying Crossword ClueESPIONAGE
Latches on and sticks Crossword ClueTWIGS
Conservative with flair upset opposing side Crossword ClueCONTRA
Sound from the old record Crossword ClueYELP
Swine scratching rear of Polo in B-road? Crossword ClueBRUTE
Disengage and go very bitter Crossword ClueFREEZING
Learner with document showing feature of terrain Crossword ClueLANDFORM
Make cross after rotating length of ruler Crossword ClueREGNAL
Returning to Nepal a journalist sampled hot pepper Crossword ClueJALAPENO
School backing measure to stock soft type of drink Crossword ClueSCHNAPPS
Heavenly being among others receiving present Crossword ClueETHEREAL
Protecting queen with lackey, use an orderly beyond reproach Crossword ClueSQUEAKYCLEAN
Police officer's outstanding aim, tackling place of iniquity Crossword ClueSUPERINTENDENT
In bar, tea's ordered for such a person, perhaps Crossword ClueABSTAINER
Electric appliances or the gas alternative put before consumers Crossword ClueSTORAGEHEATERS
She cries over moving forms of poetry Crossword ClueHEROICVERSES
Wrongdoer gathering demise in advance Crossword ClueOFFENDER
Lazy person arranged date with a bed Crossword ClueDEADBEAT
Snooping on revolutionary rat Crossword ClueNOSING
Friend occupied by certain upcoming examination Crossword CluePERUSAL