The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Puzzle - 2023-07-14

Plant oddly really prompt to come up Crossword CluePOPLAR
Mineral not totally crystal clear Crossword ClueTALC
Alert dropping six banks in months, debt falls Crossword ClueONTHEBALL
Editor rejected stern feature Crossword ClueDETAIL
Person once lowly flying biplane around Spain Crossword CluePLEBEIAN
Touch instrument that's blown up Crossword ClueABUT
Children's author removing page showing aquatic beast Crossword ClueOTTER
Got rid of Times edition Crossword ClueERASED
Device supplying water I run for hoofed animal Crossword ClueTAPIR
Snake comparatively nasty biting daughter Crossword ClueMEANDER
Provoke American surrounded by corruption Crossword ClueROUST
A huge sailor's command Crossword ClueAVAST
Duet playing core of best musical works Crossword ClueETUDES
Decree from football body leads to this whole argument Crossword ClueFATWA
Magic Middle-earth monster blocking sides of Shire track Crossword ClueSORCERY
Fool's taunt about good person Crossword ClueJESTER
Nipper with drink eating very soft fruit Crossword ClueCRABAPPLE
Picked up a delicacy and got stuck in Crossword ClueATTACKED
Teacher of Melrose regularly making advances Crossword CluePROFFERS
Bemused with collection of animals turning up on yard Crossword ClueWOOZY
Confectioner with HM warrants for spongy sweets Crossword ClueMARSHMALLOWS
Further contest answer having received another Crossword ClueREPLAY
Three Magi on the move to find lone lodgings Crossword ClueHERMITAGE
French article by philosopher, Diderot's first released Crossword ClueUNLOCKED
Apes get around in enclosure going backwards Crossword ClueCOPYCATS
Bear baby in that year caught in lure Crossword ClueCARRYCOT
Head of military brought in to sign for tanks Crossword ClueAQUARIUMS
Catching girl acting without head Crossword ClueLASSOING
Remarkably rural pal uneasy with city Crossword CluePARTICULARLY
Maybe one beside canine opposing snatching on lead in malice Crossword CluePREMOLAR