The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Puzzle - 2023-05-24

Speaker for a Tory's selection Crossword ClueORATOR
Battle supplies hidden by retreating commander Crossword ClueAMMO
Is old country singer in area of rock that's folded? Crossword ClueISOCLINE
Force tense after row Crossword ClueDINT
Bill steals, according to hearsay, legendary creature Crossword CluePHOENIX
Subdues child one's taken on Crossword ClueSTEPSON
Iliad rewritten to include western festival Crossword ClueDIWALI
Sadly, a journalist wrote this old piece Crossword ClueOBIT
Vices discovered, confine in cooler Crossword ClueICEBOX
Type of horn found in Timbuktu backwater Crossword ClueTUBA
Raises a stink, abandoning tango with police officer Crossword ClueASCENDS
Frequently sanctimonious about universal right Crossword ClueHOURLY
Cycling soldiers cut off fools in a group Crossword ClueENMASSE
Working soldier sent back driver with American airhead Crossword ClueIGNORAMUS
Choppy brine covers new motorway and one group of fens Crossword ClueRENMINBI
Princes' mother keeps housing prince Crossword ClueMAHARAJAS
Expression of dismay's no good for women's power Crossword ClueSTRENGTH
Satisfied tool's procedures Crossword ClueMETHODS
Come before quiet official, almost give up Crossword CluePRECEDE
Advance made more attractive when little interest is shown? Crossword ClueMORTGAGE
Hero, at first hot, abject in ordering assassination Crossword ClueHATCHETJOB
Critical trap Gerald heartlessly produces Crossword ClueGINGERY
Detested sailor scraped around bishop Crossword ClueABHORRED