The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Puzzle - 2023-07-14

Ode composed about the closure of Man U? Crossword ClueDONE
Suitably modulated charge sheet Crossword ClueINVOICE
Any of Earth's five divisions: the last first, the first last Crossword ClueZONE
Aerobatic manoeuvre in which we go quiet Crossword ClueLOOP
The birds and the bees leaving babes five slices Crossword ClueAVES
Fill up Pierre's brandy Crossword ClueMARC
Old conflict affected supporters' group Crossword ClueCAMP
Collect statement from Nick Bottom? Crossword ClueAMASS
Very much like the spin one gets from hot motor Crossword ClueJOYRIDE
Counter secure at opening of Indian restaurant Crossword ClueITALIAN
Morning eructation's beginning following cheese and beans Crossword ClueEDAMAME
That's right -- no lemon, thanks Crossword ClueJUSTICE
'Fancy!' = 'Indeed!' Crossword ClueISAY
Ruin house party? Crossword ClueDOIN
Gem robbery liquidates stocks! Crossword ClueBERYL
British PM's remains left inside Crossword ClueASQUITH
Nasty splinter from cracked instrument panel not planned! Crossword ClueUNMEANT
Staff at Walkabout not working properly Crossword ClueCROOK
Number one song Crossword ClueTHEBEST
TMO's ruling nut has punched and passage denied Crossword ClueNOENTRY
Hired feathers on chick disappoint Crossword ClueLETDOWN
Bird soon caged by people working together Crossword ClueTINAMOU
Primate wee in coal scuttle Crossword ClueHOMINID
Even now zero energy cuts agreed Crossword ClueQUITESO
I introduced the family Crossword ClueONESOWN
Forestall the usual demand of Wonderland royal? Crossword ClueHEADOFF
Style of working girl might put on injury cover Crossword CluePOWERDRESSING
Giant hit US railway's rolling stock, express part of it Crossword ClueLEXIS
100 filler note initially moved on, about to receive rating Crossword ClueINFORIT
'New Look' sort: rich and, from the outset, innovative and iconic Crossword ClueCHRISTIANDIOR
Would it feel unusual having students round? Crossword ClueWELLFILLEDOUT
The care one's needed to fill gaps in one's education? Crossword ClueSUPPLYTEACHER