The Times Specialist Sunday Crossword Puzzle - 2023-05-21

Salad ingredient of the mustard family Crossword ClueCRESS
Bone which runs parallel to the radius Crossword ClueULNA
Musical piece of several movements, mainly for a solo instrument Crossword ClueSONATA
Gemstone which is a form of hydrated silica Crossword ClueOPAL
Alphabetically in English, the first of the seven deadly sins Crossword ClueENVY
As a regional breakfast, the '____ fry' adds fried soda bread and potato cake to a 'full English' Crossword ClueULSTER
Information about other information Crossword ClueMETADATA
Chinese tea whose name means 'black dragon' Crossword ClueOOLONG
Country whose main languages are Amharic and Oromo Crossword ClueETHIOPIA
One form of this percussion instrument was first used orchestrally in Mahler's sixth and seventh symphonies Crossword ClueCOWBELL
Hindu goddess of destruction, sometimes depicted with a necklace of skulls or severed heads Crossword ClueKALI
____ became a four-piece when Zayn Malik left in 2015 Crossword ClueONE DIRECTION
Canonical hour observed at around 3 pm Crossword ClueNONES
Womaniser in Nicholas Rowe's 1702 play The Fair Penitent Crossword ClueLOTHARIO
Australian tennis player who won grand slams as both an amateur and a professional Crossword ClueROD LAVER
The words of a popular song Crossword ClueLYRIC
Sleep, for a child Crossword ClueBYE-BYES
Louisiana cuisine using 'dirty rice' Crossword ClueCAJUN
Richard Strauss's final operatic collaboration with librettist Hugo von Hofmannsthal Crossword ClueARABELLA
City on the Loire liberated by Joan of Arc Crossword ClueORLEANS
Six 14th-century conclaves took place at the Palace of the Popes, in this city in a former papal enclave Crossword ClueAVIGNON
Vitamin A Crossword ClueRETINOL
Former name of India's former capital Crossword ClueCALCUTTA
In plural form, this showy plant is the nickname of cricket teams representing 8D Crossword CluePROTEA