The Times Specialist Sunday Crossword Puzzle - 2023-05-28

Genus of sap-sucking 37Ds Crossword ClueAPHIS
Word that can follow 'blow' or 'bubble' Crossword ClueOVER
Alaska's longest river, with its source in Canada Crossword ClueYUKON
To persuade by deception or flattery Crossword ClueINVEIGLE
Germanic name for various cured pork products Crossword ClueSPECK
Creature with tibias but no fibulas Crossword ClueINSECT
In literary usage, to see Crossword ClueESPY
In Bond films, the entrance to this racecourse has represented the airports of St Petersburg and Shanghai Crossword ClueASCOT
The grains of Avena sativa Crossword ClueOATS
The tibiofemoral and patellofemoral joints Crossword ClueKNEE
A grave 16 inches long in a Lincolnshire church is purportedly that of someone with the same name as this folklore character Crossword ClueTOM THUMB
Nocturnal devotion, especially on the eve of a church festival Crossword ClueVIGIL
To get rid of something or someone unwanted Crossword ClueJETTISON
Characters like Sancho Panza and Doctor Watson Crossword ClueSIDEKICKS
Food often served with pickled ginger and wasabi Crossword ClueSUSHI
Someone waiting around aimlessly Crossword ClueLOITERER
On January 1, 2021, the French departments of Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin became the European Collectivity of ____ Crossword ClueALSACE
Governing in the style of Papa Doc or Idi Amin Crossword ClueDESPOTIC
That which is indicated in on road signs by numbers and % or : Crossword ClueGRADIENT
Don McLean's cover of this 1961 Roy Orbison hit was a UK No 1 in 1980 Crossword ClueCRYING
Hidden from view Crossword ClueOBSCURED
Undeservedly neglected people or things Crossword ClueCINDERELLAS
The first ____ in Handel's Messiah is 'Comfort ye my people' Crossword ClueRECITATIVE
For a particular purpose only Crossword ClueAD HOC
Tomas de ____ was Spain's first Grand Inquisitor Crossword ClueTORQUEMADA
Anglicised name for one summit in the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge Crossword ClueCADER IDRIS
The inventors of Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and Pepsi-Cola all worked as ____ Crossword CluePHARMACISTS
Dutch city where DAF Trucks is based Crossword ClueEINDHOVEN
City called Karl-Marx-Stadt between 1953 and 1990 Crossword ClueCHEMNITZ
Ohio is the '____' Crossword ClueBUCKEYE STATE
____ butter is a 4oz packet, in American cookery Crossword ClueA STICK OF
When a disease is ____, it has no clear signs or symptoms Crossword ClueSUBCLINICAL
To be involved in many and various activities Crossword ClueHAVE A FINGER IN EVERY PIE
'Dewey defeats Truman' was a famously wrong ____ Crossword ClueBANNER HEADLINE
Horace Rumpole's chambers were located in the ____ Crossword ClueINNER TEMPLE
What 'Max and Keira's law' makes everyone in England unless they opt out Crossword ClueORGAN DONOR
2005 film based on a fictional character called Nurse Matilda Crossword ClueNANNY MCPHEE
Entertainer whose act often included the egg and bag trick Crossword ClueTOMMY COOPER
To remain not out throughout a whole innings Crossword ClueCARRY ONE'S BAT
Australian actor Leo ____'s best-known role was Horace Rumpole Crossword ClueMCKERN
For the last five weeks of his life, ____ Forkbeard was king of Denmark and England Crossword ClueSWEYN
Another name for 'stage left' Crossword CluePROMPT SIDE
The ____ is death while fighting for a principle or country Crossword ClueSUPREME SACRIFICE
Collector of jumpers, and Dictionary Corner appearances on Countdown Crossword ClueGYLES BRANDRETH
Bavaria's third-largest city after Munich and Nuremberg Crossword ClueAUGSBURG
The only Swede to win Olympic high jump gold, in 2004 Crossword ClueSTEFAN HOLM
Poet whose inspiration was once interrupted by 'a person on business from Porlock' Crossword ClueSAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE
The discovery of DNA's double helix was a major achievement in this field Crossword ClueMOLECULAR BIOLOGY