The Times Specialist Sunday Crossword Puzzle - 2023-07-16

Unpleasant or harmful discharges Crossword ClueEFFLUVIA
Leonhard ____'s 'identity' combines e, i, pi, 1 and 0 as fundamental numbers in mathematics Crossword ClueEULER
____ replaced Mombasa as an African capital city in 1907 Crossword ClueNAIROBI
Band whose only UK No 1 was I Owe You Nothing in 1988 Crossword ClueBROS
Arizona's ___ reservation is surrounded by the Navajo one Crossword ClueHOPI
Arthur Lasenby ____, a former draper's apprentice, founded a Regent Street shop in 1875 Crossword ClueLIBERTY
Brand name for gin and cigarettes in Orwell's 1984 Crossword ClueVICTORY
'____ and means' is taxation or other government fund-raising Crossword ClueWAYS
Narrow length of wood used to make barrels or pipes Crossword ClueSTAVE
'Damn braces: ____ relaxes' (Blake, Proverbs of Hell) Crossword ClueBLESS
Pottery exported from Japan in the Meiji period Crossword ClueSATSUMA WARE
Mortar slope around a chimney top which throws off water Crossword ClueFLAUNCH
1978 sitcom which was a spin-off from Porridge Crossword ClueGOING STRAIGHT
The high priest who anointed Solomon in Kings I Crossword ClueZADOK
Dung beetles and fish eagles ____ what they eat Crossword ClueARE NAMED AFTER
Among the lost tribes of Israel, ____ and Manasseh formed the House of Joseph Crossword ClueEPHRAIM
Slender pale mushroom used in Japanese cuisine Crossword ClueENOKI
Nasality in someone's speech Crossword ClueTWANG
Of a leaf edge, having rounded 'teeth' Crossword ClueCRENATE
BBC radio show (1956-88) in which convoluted explanations of phrases became a notable feature Crossword ClueMY WORD
River which rises in the Vosges and flows into the Moselle Crossword ClueSAAR
Another name for the slide guitar playing style Crossword ClueBOTTLENECK
World Match Play Championship golf course, 1964-2007 Crossword ClueWENTWORTH
In poetry, the reverse of an iamb Crossword ClueTROCHEE
Something that drifted in a hypothesis suggested by Alfred Wegener in 1912 Crossword ClueCONTINENT
Disease which probably killed over 100 million people in 14th-century Europe Crossword ClueBUBONIC PLAGUE
In an uninspired way Crossword CluePEDESTRIANLY
Words or morphemes from which later words are derived Crossword ClueETYMA
A (usually wooden) jigsaw piece in a recognisable shape, often related to the picture Crossword ClueWHIMSY
Informal name for a photovoltaic power station Crossword ClueSOLAR FARM
Reductio ad ____ is a way of arguing for an idea by considering the implications of its opposite Crossword ClueABSURDUM
Antipodean community events with barbecued meat Crossword ClueSAUSAGE SIZZLES
In economics, graphs showing how prices affect sales Crossword ClueDEMAND CURVES
Jack ____ was a pioneer in the literary Beat Generation Crossword ClueKEROUAC
Novelist whose best-known words are 'mad, bad, and dangerous to know' about Lord Byron Crossword ClueLADY CAROLINE LAMB
'Whenever I hear a man talking of the advantages of our ____ sex, I look upon it as the prelude to some new act of authority' (Letitia Landon) Crossword ClueILL-USED
Arts programme in the post-Newsnight 'graveyard slot' on BBC2 in the early 1990s Crossword ClueTHE LATE SHOW
What Queen will do in one of their best-known singles Crossword ClueROCK YOU
Damien Thorn is killed in Omen III: ____ Crossword ClueTHE FINAL CONFLICT
In psychiatry, a continual feeling of tiredness Crossword ClueANERGIA
Opaque or opalescent precious stones are often cut ____ Crossword ClueEN CABOCHON
1917 battle also called the third battle of Ypres Crossword CluePASSCHENDAELE
Song used in Warner Bros films of the 1930s and 42nd Street Crossword ClueWE'RE IN THE MONEY
Ecaterina ____, of Romania, won four gymnastics gold medals at the 1984 Olympics Crossword ClueSZABO
After the Second World War, clothes were ____ in 1949 Crossword ClueDERATIONED
____ pasture is used beyond its capacity Crossword ClueOVERGRAZED
This nation is 'a mountaintop' in some football coverage Crossword ClueSAN MARINO
A board next to a sink, or a rack placed on it Crossword ClueDRAINER
The department junior played by Trevor Bannister in Are You Being Served? Crossword ClueMR LUCAS