Universal Crossword Puzzle - 2023-05-25

Org. that takes many forms? Crossword ClueIRS
Destination in the "Odyssey" Crossword ClueITHACA
Like a lemon Crossword ClueSOUR
Dust arachnids Crossword ClueMITES
Ironically, they may be even Crossword ClueODDS
Stan of Marvel Comics Crossword ClueLEE
Frozen drink brand Crossword ClueICEE
Mountaintop Crossword CluePEAK
Vientiane native Crossword ClueLAO
Puts a strain on Crossword ClueTAXES
Shrek or Fiona Crossword ClueOGRE
Cabo ___ Lucas Crossword ClueSAN
Diamond unit Crossword ClueCARAT
Zone Crossword ClueAREA
Not at all close Crossword ClueAFAR
Smell and taste Crossword ClueSENSES
Once owned Crossword ClueHAD
Constantly vex Crossword ClueEATAT
Pen brand Crossword ClueBIC
Painter Picasso Crossword CluePABLO
Authorize Crossword ClueALLOW
For fear that Crossword ClueLEST
Speak pompously Crossword ClueORATE
Buck passer? Crossword ClueDOE
Diddly-squat Crossword ClueNADA
Mardi Gras city, for short Crossword ClueNOLA
Jigsaw puzzle side Crossword ClueEDGE
Spotted Crossword ClueSEEN
Currently Crossword ClueASOFNOW
Taken-back autos Crossword ClueREPOS
Surprise attacks Crossword ClueRAIDS
Hit hard, in the Bible Crossword ClueSMITE
Took a breather Crossword CluePAUSED
___ feeling (instinct) Crossword ClueGUT
Additional people Crossword ClueOTHERS
Personal histories Crossword CluePASTS
Tibetan priest Crossword ClueLAMA
Psychic's "gift": Abbr Crossword ClueESP
"Dexter" channel, for short Crossword ClueSHO
Dishonorable dudes Crossword ClueCADS
Light, fluffy dessert Crossword ClueANGELFOODCAKE
Lawless Crossword ClueANARCHIC
Did keto, say Crossword ClueDIETED
Grinders and hoagies Crossword ClueSUBS
Red or blue caplet in "The Matrix" Crossword CluePILL
Laugh syllable in "Billie Jean" Crossword ClueHEE