Universal Crossword Puzzle - 2023-07-17

"Breaking Bad" rating Crossword ClueTVMA
Place to buy pastrami on rye Crossword ClueDELI
Jack, e.g. ... or a jerk Crossword ClueASS
Large antelope Crossword ClueGNU
CUUP product Crossword ClueBRA
"Harper Valley ___" (song) Crossword CluePTA
Home of Norway's Kon-Tiki Museum Crossword ClueOSLO
Skip town Crossword ClueFLEE
One of the Decade Volcanoes Crossword ClueETNA
Decisively defeat Crossword ClueROUT
Mimicked Crossword ClueAPED
Raw metals Crossword ClueORES
Bronte governess Jane Crossword ClueEYRE
Breakfast chain Crossword ClueIHOP
Clog or slipper Crossword ClueSHOE
Wriggly fish Crossword ClueEELS
Singer-songwriter Lisa Crossword ClueLOEB
Fall Out Boy genre Crossword ClueEMO
"It's not that ___" ("Don't overthink it") Crossword ClueDEEP
Protagonist of "A Doll's House" Crossword ClueNORA
Stretch of time Crossword ClueSPAN
Snooze Crossword ClueNAP
Criticism may bruise it Crossword ClueEGO
SIGINT-gathering org Crossword ClueNSA
Guesses you might try to beat by speeding: Abbr Crossword ClueETAS
"The ___ Bunch" Crossword ClueBRADY
The "R" of SRO Crossword ClueROOM
Often yellow ride Crossword ClueCAB
It's hard to indicate over text Crossword ClueTONE
A fan of Crossword ClueINTO
Iguazu Falls spray Crossword ClueMIST
All lined up Crossword ClueINAROW
Person who gets home safe? Crossword ClueSCORER
Idris of "The Wire" Crossword ClueELBA
Green New Deal rep Crossword ClueAOC
Mehdi Hasan's network Crossword ClueMSNBC
Pork cut Crossword ClueLOIN
"This is alarming!" Crossword ClueUHOH
Award for "Sweeney Todd" Crossword ClueTONY
Not feeling 100% Crossword ClueILL
New York City mayor Adams Crossword ClueERIC
Kind of soup with wakame Crossword ClueMISO
Scat singer Fitzgerald Crossword ClueELLA
Currency in Austria Crossword ClueEURO
Word after "vital" or "pipe" Crossword ClueORGAN
Apt letters missing from "Craig_l_st or Pin_er_st" Crossword ClueSITE
Rock bands' boosters Crossword ClueAMPS
"Stretch" vehicle Crossword ClueLIMO
"I wish I could ___ that" Crossword ClueUNSEE
Klutz Crossword ClueOAF
Software for screening a film? Crossword ClueMOVIESCRIPT
Violinist, violist and cellist, e.g Crossword ClueSTRINGTRIO
Self-important Crossword ClueCONCEITED
Catherine of "Beetlejuice" Crossword ClueOHARA
Gravelly sound Crossword ClueRASP
The whole ___ yards Crossword ClueNINE
'50s Ford flop Crossword ClueEDSEL
Salt, to a chemist Crossword ClueNACL
Nonverbal "Hi!" Crossword ClueWAVE
Asset in a spelling bee Crossword ClueVOCABULARY
Socializes, casually Crossword ClueHANGS
Follow, as advice Crossword ClueACTON
Incessantly Crossword ClueNOEND
NBA great Ming Crossword ClueYAO
___ California Crossword ClueBAJA
You'd better believe it! Crossword ClueDOGMA
Actor Krasinski Crossword ClueJOHN
CBS forensics franchise Crossword ClueCSI
Tightly curled 'dos Crossword ClueFROS
Not stereo Crossword ClueMONO
Vast void Crossword ClueABYSS
Software for organizing a pledge drive? Crossword ClueOUTREACHPROGRAM
Rural Iowa sight Crossword ClueCORNFIELD
Assemble, as equipment Crossword ClueRIGUP
Software for landing a plane? Crossword ClueAIRPORTCODE
Arctic travel hazards Crossword ClueBERGS
Software for estimating a mortgage? Crossword ClueLOANAPPLICATION
Crime boss known as "The Teflon Don" Crossword ClueGOTTI