USA Today Crossword Puzzle - 2023-03-18

Email folder Crossword ClueSENT
Ran into Crossword ClueMET
Hilarious person Crossword ClueRIOT
Experiencing little to no romantic attraction, for short Crossword ClueARO
Characteristic Crossword ClueTRAIT
Places to get cash Crossword ClueATMS
Jazz legend Fitzgerald Crossword ClueELLA
Snakelike fish Crossword ClueEELS
Owl sound Crossword ClueHOOT
Coin in Spain or France Crossword ClueEURO
Parts of sleepwear sets Crossword CluePAJAMATOPS
Parts of sleepwear sets Crossword CluePAJAMATOPS
'This is for you' Crossword ClueHERE
Weep loudly Crossword ClueBAWL
Bit of thyme Crossword ClueSPRIG
Chocolatey coffee drink Crossword ClueMOCHA
Villain in the first Bond movie Crossword ClueDRNO
'Kiss me, I'm ___' Crossword ClueIRISH
Biblical garden Crossword ClueEDEN
Chiding sound Crossword ClueTSK
Accessory worn diagonally Crossword ClueSASH
Inquire Crossword ClueASK
Concludes Crossword ClueENDS
Female friend, in Spanish Crossword ClueAMIGA
'Fingers crossed' Crossword ClueIHOPE
Circle dance Crossword ClueHORA
Involuntary jerky movement Crossword ClueSPASM
Love, in France Crossword ClueAMOUR
Like a 3.5-hour movie Crossword ClueLONG
Automaker with a four-ring logo Crossword ClueAUDI
X or Y, on a graph Crossword ClueAXIS
Warty hopper Crossword ClueTOAD
QB's scores Crossword ClueTDS
European mountain range Crossword ClueALPS
Wide tie Crossword ClueASCOT
'From my vantage point . . .' Crossword ClueASISEEIT
Advanced creative writing degree Crossword ClueMFA
Little scoundrel Crossword ClueRASCAL
Runs out of juice Crossword ClueDIES
Author Morrison Crossword ClueTONI
___ carpet Crossword ClueSHAG
Small, chirpy bird Crossword ClueWREN
Wagging part of a dog Crossword ClueTAIL
Folk singer Guthrie Crossword ClueARLO
Prefix for 'present' Crossword ClueOMNI
Marathon units Crossword ClueMILES
Dishes that might contain Cool Whip Crossword ClueSALADS
'Third time's the ___!' Crossword ClueCHARM
Damascus' country Crossword ClueSYRIA
Have a snack Crossword ClueNOSH
Procedure with chest compressions Crossword ClueCPR
'This looks bad' Crossword ClueUHOH
Tennis star Osaka Crossword ClueNAOMI
'What a disaster!' Crossword ClueUGH
Lost Pixar fish Crossword ClueNEMO
Mirabel, to Bruno, in 'Encanto' Crossword ClueNIECE
Take initiative Crossword ClueLEANIN
Sneaker brand Crossword ClueASICS
Term that McDonald's campaigned to have removed from the Oxford English Dictionary Crossword ClueMCJOB
___ dreaming Crossword ClueLUCID
Inside info Crossword ClueINTEL
Tiger, lion or jaguar Crossword ClueBIGCAT
Poisonous Crossword ClueTOXIC
'Generosity = love' Crossword ClueSHARINGISCARING
One of 100 Capitol Hill positions Crossword ClueSENATESEAT
French desserts consisting of meringue in a sea of vanilla custard Crossword ClueFLOATINGISLANDS
Ice cream sandwich brand Crossword ClueITSIT
Core problem Crossword ClueUNDERLYINGISSUE
Brewski-and-OJ drink Crossword ClueBEERMOSA