USA Today Crossword Puzzle - 2023-05-26

Iconic female singer Crossword ClueDIVA
Snow monster Crossword ClueYETI
Hawaiian dance Crossword ClueHULA
Tree rings are used to measure it Crossword ClueAGE
Place with luxurious treatments Crossword ClueSPA
Unavoidable future Crossword ClueFATE
'An ___ to Bats' (Gertrude Sturdle poem) Crossword ClueODE
Head of a company Crossword ClueCEO
Aid and ___ Crossword ClueABET
Upper-right icon on a shopping website Crossword ClueCART
Get out of bed Crossword ClueRISE
Throw out Crossword ClueSCRAP
Monthly expense Crossword ClueRENT
Untroubled Crossword ClueATEASE
Goes on to say Crossword ClueADDS
Kindergartner's golden reward Crossword ClueSTAR
'Go ahead, see if ___!' Crossword ClueICARE
Direction from Ethiopia to Somalia Crossword ClueEAST
Distorts beyond recognition Crossword ClueWARPS
'Sounds good!' Crossword ClueIMIN
Poles for sails Crossword ClueMASTS
Word after 'slinky' or 'babydoll' Crossword ClueDRESS
___'s Pieces Crossword ClueREESE
Second word of a rhyming nickname for a Bay Area city Crossword ClueFRAN
___ vera Crossword ClueALOE
South American mountain range Crossword ClueANDES
Throw out Crossword ClueTOSS
Extra Crossword ClueBONUS
Constructs Crossword ClueERECTS
Happen Crossword ClueOCCUR
Mailed Crossword ClueSENT
H.S. exams for college credit Crossword ClueAPS
Birth mo. for many Virgos Crossword ClueSEPT
Enthusiastic Crossword ClueAVID
Successful songs Crossword ClueHITS
'Funny!' Crossword ClueHAH
Performed in a scene Crossword ClueACTED
Showed generosity Crossword ClueSHARED
Untroubled Crossword ClueSERENE
Voicemail sound Crossword ClueBEEP
Like pastel colors Crossword CluePALE
'Yeah, I ___ that a lot' Crossword ClueGET
Simple and stylish Crossword ClueELEGANT
Really bugs Crossword ClueIRKS
Step between floors Crossword ClueSTAIR
Girl, in Spanish Crossword ClueCHICA
Accumulate over time Crossword ClueACCRUE
Act as a go-between Crossword ClueLIAISE
Put together Crossword ClueCOMPILE
Turnable control Crossword ClueKNOB
Salty solution for soaking food Crossword ClueBRINE
Strong desire Crossword ClueLUST
Most uncommon Crossword ClueRAREST
Deep, narrow valley Crossword ClueRAVINE
Sprang Crossword ClueLEAPT
Enthusiasm Crossword ClueZEAL
Staircase rail Crossword ClueBANISTER
Scalp bug Crossword ClueLOUSE
'___, como estas?' Crossword ClueHOLA
Inclinations that affect decision-making Crossword ClueBIASES
AirPod, for example Crossword ClueEARBUD
Grocery payment method Crossword ClueEBT
Musician like Nikhil Banerjee Crossword ClueSITARIST
Windowsills, for example Crossword ClueLEDGES
2015 movie whose title is a fruit Crossword ClueTANGERINE
'Choose ___!' Crossword ClueWISELY
Remove from a sack Crossword ClueUNBAG
What 'Home of the world's best pizza!' most likely is Crossword ClueOVERSTATEMENT
Dress rehearsal Crossword CluePRACTICERUN