USA Today Crossword Puzzle - 2023-07-17

Second try Crossword ClueREDO
Extremely urgent Crossword ClueDIRE
'haha' Crossword ClueLOL
50 org. with over 38 million members Crossword ClueAARP
Water, in French Crossword ClueEAU
'Greetings, fellow pirate!' Crossword ClueAHOY
Warbling sound Crossword ClueTRILL
Succulent with medicinal uses Crossword ClueALOE
Respond Crossword ClueREPLY
Unit of land Crossword ClueACRE
Fuming Crossword ClueANGRY
Third-person pronoun Crossword ClueTHEY
Dramatic person Crossword ClueDIVA
Social connections Crossword ClueINS
Some, but not much Crossword ClueATAD
'. . . and so on' Crossword ClueETC
Snow-removal vehicle Crossword CluePLOW
Stop Crossword ClueCEASE
Chile type Crossword ClueANCHO
'Eww!' Crossword ClueNASTY
Breach in security Crossword ClueLEAK
On the horizon Crossword ClueAHEAD
Artist ___ June Paik Crossword ClueNAM
Click of the fingers Crossword ClueSNAP
'American Idol' alum Lambert Crossword ClueADAM
Part of a list Crossword ClueITEM
Chopping one might make you cry Crossword ClueONION
'Cyberchase' channel Crossword CluePBS
Summer time zone in Ga Crossword ClueEDT
5 5 Crossword ClueTEN
Canadian city in Pixar's 'Turning Red' Crossword ClueTORONTO
Picture within a picture Crossword ClueINSET
Draped garment that can be styled more than 80 ways Crossword ClueSARI
Helium or neon, e.g Crossword ClueGAS
Goof up Crossword ClueERR
Loads Crossword ClueATON
Cushion Crossword CluePAD
Sun, in Spanish Crossword ClueSOL
City that hosts the largest Carnival in the world Crossword ClueRIO
Director DuVernay Crossword ClueAVA
'___ complicated' Crossword ClueITS
What dreadlocks are made of Crossword ClueHAIR
Like spoken reports Crossword ClueORAL
Its 2022 Word of the Year was 'goblin mode' (Abbr.) Crossword ClueOED
Stuffed-up-sounding Crossword ClueNASAL
Formal agreements Crossword CluePACTS
Grps. that organize Teacher Appreciation Weeks Crossword CluePTAS
Tardy Crossword ClueLATE
Bathroom, to Brits Crossword ClueLOO
Super tasty Crossword ClueDELISH
Piece of pickleball equipment Crossword CluePADDLE
Boom's opposite Crossword ClueBUST
Soup-serving utensil Crossword ClueLADLE
Explore a sunken ship Crossword ClueDIVE
Some binary code digits Crossword ClueONES
Word after 'rhyme' or 'color' Crossword ClueSCHEME
Flatbread type Crossword ClueROTI
Heavy piece of boating equipment Crossword ClueANCHOR
Desserts with chess and chiffon varieties Crossword CluePIES
___-bitsy Crossword ClueITSY
Person, place or thing Crossword ClueNOUN
Camera part Crossword ClueLENS
Tampa Bay Rays org Crossword ClueMLB
Breathe heavily Crossword CluePANT
___ Kippur Crossword ClueYOM
'I hear you!' Crossword ClueMESSAGERECEIVED
'Rap Sh!t' creator Rae Crossword ClueISSA
Some fiction books Crossword ClueNOVELS
People who see things as they are Crossword ClueREALISTS
Hit Crossword ClueSWAT
___ Pope (Kerry Washington's character on 'Scandal') Crossword ClueOLIVIA
___ chaat (potatoes with spices and chutney) Crossword ClueALOO
Failing to come up with the answer Crossword ClueDRAWINGABLANK
Supplement supporting gut health Crossword CluePROBIOTIC
Chill out Crossword ClueCALMDOWN
Professional offering student support Crossword ClueSCHOOLCOUNSELOR
More likely to geek out Crossword ClueNERDIER
Maze Crossword ClueLABYRINTH