Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle - 2023-05-11

Diamond ring? Crossword ClueONDECKCIRC
'The pot is legally mine!' Crossword ClueIWONFAIRANDSQUA
'The pot is legally mine!' Crossword ClueIWONFAIRANDSQUA
High-end camera Crossword ClueDSLR
Blow a gasket, and a clue to making sense of some answers in this puzzle Crossword ClueGETBENTOUTOFSHA
Soap opera staple Crossword ClueLOVETRIANG
Cat call Crossword ClueMEW
Gold standard? Crossword ClueKARAT
Creative sort Crossword ClueLIAR
Maximum amount Crossword ClueALL
'It will be long ___ the marshes resume': Robert Frost Crossword ClueERE
Medium strength? Crossword ClueESP
Comic unit Crossword CluePANEL
Piper with horns Crossword CluePAN
Focused Crossword ClueALERT
'Are you sure about that?' Crossword ClueISIT
Lady's man Crossword ClueLORD
React to red Crossword ClueSTOP
Plaintive wind Crossword ClueOBOE
Chandler creation Crossword ClueNOVEL
Nickname of the caravel Santa Clara Crossword ClueNINA
Half a fl. oz Crossword ClueTBSP
Mortensen's 'Green Book' co-star Crossword ClueALI
Stead Crossword ClueLIEU
Sister in 'Olaf's Frozen Adventure' Crossword ClueELSA
Drops a liner Crossword ClueERRS
'Just as I thought!' Crossword ClueAHA
'A barge with ___-coloured hay dropt from the wharf': Oscar Wilde Crossword ClueOCHRE
Seller of HunkerDown sleeping bags Crossword ClueREI
Tel Be'er Sheva Natl. Pk. setting Crossword ClueISR
Org. with a code of ethics Crossword ClueAMA
Fig. on some city limits signs Crossword ClueELEV
Pricey brand with a crown logo Crossword ClueROLEX
Cold brew coffee variety Crossword ClueNITRO
Suffix for the wealthy Crossword ClueAIRE
Make Crossword ClueEARN
Equivalent of 100 paise Crossword ClueRUPEE
G-rated Crossword ClueCLEAN
Albuquerque-to-Denver dir Crossword ClueNNE
Lose it Crossword ClueGOAPE
Co-star of Betty, Rue and Estelle Crossword ClueBEA
Bibliography abbr Crossword ClueETAL
James with three Grammys Crossword ClueETTA
It launched a month before GMA Crossword ClueSNL
Held Crossword ClueOWNED
Celery, in a peanut butter and raisins snack Crossword ClueLOG
More constant Crossword ClueTRUER
Dr. with Grammys Crossword ClueDRE
Tea ceremony, e.g Crossword ClueRITUAL
Gaping mouth Crossword ClueMAW
Prefix for tourism or terrorism Crossword ClueECO
Apple's answer to Microsoft Word Crossword CluePAGES
Sister who may have no siblings Crossword ClueNUN
Wrest Crossword ClueUSURP
Pain in the butt, ironically Crossword ClueHEADACHE
Chaplin's last wife Crossword ClueOONA
Chef's chapeau Crossword ClueTOQUE
Battery, e.g Crossword ClueCRIME
Canny Crossword ClueWISE
Mayo, e.g Crossword ClueCLINIC
It's usu. 36,524 days Crossword ClueCEN
Bobby Bowden Field sch Crossword ClueFSU
Roberts swore him in in 2006 Crossword ClueALITO
Chiwere-speaking people Crossword ClueIOWAS
Personnel chief, at times Crossword ClueFIRER
Response to 'You were kidding, right?' Crossword ClueIMEANTIT
Former Fords Crossword ClueLTDS
Maker of Catalyst network switches Crossword ClueCISCO
'High Hopes' lyricist Sammy Crossword ClueCAHN
Top pick, informally Crossword ClueFAVE
Acidic in German, like some kraut Crossword ClueSAUER
'___ I can help it!' Crossword ClueNOTIF
'Not on ___!' ('Forget it!') Crossword ClueADARE
Snarls Crossword ClueTANGLESUP
Bide ___ (don't rush off, in Scotland) Crossword ClueAWEE
Some lace-ups Crossword ClueOXFORDS